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Updated to Ver 15.22, and an optional Iceborne Community Edition Compatible Version
An app that can allow for 100% success on the steamworks minigame. Has option for random input.

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For people using Sharp Plugin Loader, using the 100% Accuracy mode will cause the game to crash as long as it's loaded. The easiest way to get around this is to move the winmm.dll file out of the Monster Hunter World directory, either by moving it into a folder in the MHW folder, doesn't matter which one, or out of the MHW folder entirely, whichever you prefer.

The main, official version of this mod found here is not updated to the latest version. If you need more details, check that page out and give them an endorsement, and download the official version at least once to support the author.

GitHub for nerds. Iceborne Community Edition compatible version will be updated as it updates.

Q & (probably answered on the main mod's page) A Section

Q: Windows Smartscreen/Defender says this app is dangerous! No way am I running this!
A: This is a result of the 100% success rate feature of the application. It reads the memory of Monster Hunter World if a compatible version is running, and does this without administrator privilege, which, triggers Windows Defender or any other antivirus to detect it as a virus. If you're having issues with it, see if you have the option to "Allow file on device" in an action menu in your Antivirus. If that's not an option, try disabling your antivirus while downloading and running the application. Under normal circumstances YOU SHOULD NEVER DO THIS, but in this case, this file has been scanned by NexusMods' systems and deemed safe. If you're unwilling to do so even with all of this reassurance, then I don't know how to help you further.

Q:It doesn't work! What should I do??
A: Right click AutoSteamApp.exe and click "Run as Administrator", put its folder in your MHW directory (Either steamapps/common/Monster Hunter World or steamapps/common/Monster Hunter World/nativePC), check Windows Defender for an option that prevents apps from being tampered with and disable it (Maybe Win 11 only), run the program from its exe directly and not through another app like CMD or Task Manager, and check if you have this dotNet Framework version installed.