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A plugin that allows you to tweak the FOV (field of view) and other camera settings to your liking.

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Custom FOV (15.22 compatible)

Monster Hunter World uses many different camera settings depending on the situation and place you are in. This plugin allows you to tweak the game's FOV (field of view) and camera distance to your liking. It achieves this by attaching hooks to the functions responsible for updating the camera settings.

Although similar to FoVChanger by Metool, by using function hooks instead of constantly scanning the FOV value this plugin avoids the dilemma of having to choose the lesser evil between single frame FOV jumps (low scan rate) and high CPU usage (unlimited scan rate).

Installation & Use

Stracker's Loader is required to use this plugin. Then, simply drop the CustomFOV.dll and CustomFOV.toml files into nativePC/plugins inside your Monster Hunter World install folder.

The TOML configuration file allows you to set target values (and optionally disable effects) for FOV and camera distance, height and shift.

To convert from horizontal to vertical FOV, visit


Version 1.5, uploaded on 2024-06-05
  • Fix function addresses following update to version 15.22.00 (421740)

Version 1.4, uploaded on 2023-11-16
  • Add a more lenient version check to automatically support game updates with no breaking changes, both for vanilla and ICE
  • Fix: Only log success message after attaching & detaching plugin

Version 1.3, uploaded on 2023-11-15
  • Add support for version 15.21 (421652)

Version 1.2, uploaded on 2023-11-10
  • Add sane default config values if config file is missing
  • Add support for ICE build 314015
  • Fix MH_ApplyQueued error by adding a new thread freeze method

Version 1.1, uploaded on 2023-11-06
  • Add check for version 15.20.00 (421631)
  • Add live reload toggle (reparse config file during loading screens)
  • Add options for camera height and shift
  • Switch to more intuitive *.target and *.effects options
  • Add examples + more information to config
  • Transform fov before scaling (fixes scaling at high fov)
  • Log all camera changes on the same line

Version 1.0, uploaded on 2023-10-31


If you run into problems or have suggestions to improve this plugin, let me know! Leave a comment or file a bug report. You're also welcome to send me a PM instead, if you prefer. The source code for this plugin can be found here: