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Replaces the beige wings with an emerald-green look more akin to the classic games.

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There are a few mods on here that retexture the Raths to be more vibrant, and more akin to the older games, with Azure Rathalos being (in my opinion) the most drastic change from base world. The drab beige wing colour found on Vanilla Azure Rathalos is a major downgrade from the unique blue-green spectrum he once had. After all, he's called "Azure" Rathalos, not "Blue Rathalos."

These mods of course solve the issue with the monster itself, but from that arose a stark contrast between the beautiful new colours of Azuralos, and the armor, which retained the vanilla colours.

It got to the point where it bugged me enough that I learned how to make texture mods to fix it. And thus, here we are!

What's changed?
I only edited the textures of the wing membranes found in the Master Rank Azure Rathalos armour, for both genders. The actual blue colour World used for Azuralos' Scales/Shell isn't changed all that much in mods, so it's not been changed here either. Also, seeing as this is my first mod, editing that is a bit out of my scope of ability, for now.

Probably requires Stracker's Loader, as most mods for World do. I would have to uninstall ICE and Stracker's to test it without, which is way too much trouble.