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A mod adding an indicator to the Spirit Gauge that shows when it's possible to perform the Spirit Roundslash or an entire Spirit combo.

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This mod adds an indicator to the Spirit Gauge, that shows when either:
  • You can perform a full Spirit combo.
  • You can perform the Spirit Roundslash.
A version including both exists as well.

When the tip of the Spirit meter extends past the right edge of the indicator, the gauge is filled enough to perform the combo/move.

You can find a quick demonstration below. Note that I let the meter decrease a tiny bit until the tip barely touched the edge, which is still enough for the full combo. Also notice the meter level right before roundslash, where it also barely touched the edge.

Lastly I'd like to give credit to Jacksaur for their mod Longsword Full Spirit Slash Indicator, which inspired the creation of this mod.