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A randomizer for MHW that randomizes, quests, monsters, recipes, and more. With many options to customise how you want the game to be randomized

Permissions and credits
oo2core_8_win64.dll is required to be able to use the randomizer to extract files from the chunk files (Just put it in the same folder as the exe). I can not provide oo2core_8_win64.dll with the randomizer but you can get the file from Warframe (if theres only oo2core_9_win64.dll try changing the 9 to a 8) (Seems DOOM Eternal, ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON, and Planet Zoo also has the file)

No longer working on adding stuff to the randomizer, but feel free to leave any suggestions and bug reports in the posts section.

Note: The randomizer only changes the English text for quests and the target monster text

(When re-randomizing with a different seed if not randomizing directly to nativePC make sure to delete atleast the quest folder or all the folders (if you don't do this can cause some issues with cutscenes like softlocks))
How to Randomize:
Follow this tutorial video: 

Or if you like written instructions follow this
0. The randomizer requires .net framework 4.7.2 runtime. If you can't open the randomizer, try download it from and installing it
0.5. Before randomizing the game if you've randomized with a version before 1.3.0 make sure to remove the old files with the remove old files button!
1. Put oo2core_8_win64.dll in the same folder as the exe
2. Run MHW Randomizer.exe
3. Select the chunk folder in the game directory
4. Select all the things you want randomized
5. Click randomize and choose where to save the randomized files to (I highly recommend randomizing directly to nativePC folder (create the nativePC folder in the game directory if its not there (the spelling is case sensitive)), randomizing directly to the nativePC folder makes it so when you re-randomize there the randomizer will auto delete the old files listed in the "Randomized Files.json" file (so they don't cause any issues), it won't delete any files if that json file isn't there. If you randomized directly to nativePC then you can skip step 6)
6. Copy all the folders inside of the "randomized" folder that was created to the nativePC folder in the game directory (create the nativePC folder if its not there, with that exact name)

Optional: If you want more randomized you could include this mod: Monster Color Randomizer (Isn't made by me).

(I don't think Stracker's Loader is required but if some things don't show up randomized try installing it too)

(I haven't tested the randomizer without iceborne so I'm not sure if it will work without it)

Thank you to:
Aradi147 for the source code for the quest editor,
Synthlight for the 010 templates which helped me serialize and deserialize a lot of the files, and also for their editor to help check values
FusionR for the source code for cirilla to be able to edit the GMD text files
MHVuze for the source code of WorldChunkTool without it I wouldn't have been able to have it read the chunk files for a more streamlined process
Fandirus for the fix for Raging Brachydios
And everyone else who worked on these programs,
and the Monster Hunter modding discord and MHW modding wiki

Packages used:
Better Folder Browser by WillyKimura
Fody Property Changed by Simon Cropp
Newtonsoft.Json by James Newton-King
Ninject by Ninject Project Contributors
Troschuetz.Random by Stefan Troschütz and Alessio Parma
CRC32.NET by Force

My info:

Known Issues/Bugs
- Great Jagras tracks in the quest A Kestodon Kerfuffle don't change to track the randomized monster (can just follow the visual foot prints)
- The quest objective text in the map for story quests is broken either shows the wrong thing or just ??? (Just the UI the objective still works fine)
- The monster traces visually don't match the monster (Still tracks the randomized monster) (Will try to make it so it is correct)
- Some parts of certain monsters get stretched or are missing after some story cutscenes they replace a monster in (just visual and isn't too bad)
- Certain monster just space out and won't attack until you attack them
- Some monsters will get stuck and won't move even when attacked (They won't actually take any damage despite showing damage numbers. Should mostly be fixed now)
- Randomizing the colour for weapon and kinsect icons can cause certain upgrade paths to be marked as reached the maximum upgrade until get a high enough rank for that rarity
- Scoutflies won't path find across the opening to the lava or snow area in the guiding lands
- Game can freeze when previewing master rank armour if shuffling set bonuses (Kinda fixed, currently doesn't get randomized in 1.2.0 because didn't know how to fix)
- Raging Brachydios can still get stuck at 30% HP if you deal too much damage too quickly and not give them enough time to go to phase 2 when they're around 35% HP
- Opening the folder browser crashes on Linux using Proton/Wine


- Crash when random quest icons and randomize iceborne quests was checked (Fixed in 1.0.1)
- Some story quests are unbeatable when randomizing the map (Fixed in 1.0.2)
- When randomizing maps some spawn locations can cause a softlocks like in the the rotten vale before the story event that opens up the bottom part (Fixed in v1.0.3)
- Some sobj's get overwritten by later quests causing some monsters after a story cutscenes to break or get stuck (Fixed in v1.0.3)
- Sometimes monsters when leaving the fight they will just run back to the same spot (Fixed in 1.0.3)
- Hunt text for variants of monsters only gets partially replaced with the new monster's name (Fixed in 1.1.0)
- Iceborne monsters don't get included in iceborne story quests (Fixed in 1.1.0)
- Certain monster won't appear or get stuck in the ground that replace the rathian in "The Best Kind of Quest" (Kinda fixed by restricting which monsters can replace them) (Fixed in 1.1.1)
- Options for weapon decoration slots wouldn't randomize the decoration slots (Fixed in 1.1.1)
- Some armour recipe options don't create the /common/equip directory (Fixed in 1.1.1)
- Shara Ishvalda's health not going below 40% in first form and not transitioning to second form (Fixed in 1.1.2)
- Safi'jiiva not spawning on some maps also got stuck alot (Removed them from the pool of monsters) (Fixed in 1.1.2)
- Elder dragons appearing in capture quests (can't be captured) (Fixed in 1.1.2)
- The IDs for Scarred Yian Garuga and Furious Rajang are wrong in their alnk (Fixed in 1.1.2)
- Chance for softlock where monster spawns in a area past a blockade in the Guiding Lands when randomizing maps or sobjs (Fixed in 1.1.2)
- Alatreon makes everything completely white in the coral highlands (Fixed by removing them from the pool of monster for the coral highlands) (Fixed in 1.2.0)
Selecting the chunk folder then choosing where to randomize to will still have the chunk folder selected in the folder browser (Fixed in 1.2.0)
- Chance for softlock where monster spawns in a area past a blockade in the hoarfrost reach when randomizing maps or sobjs (Fixed in 1.2.0)
Fixed arena quests not including all required monsters for duplicate and multi monster quests, if all monster in arena isn't checked (Fixed in 1.2.1)
Hopefully fixed monsters not showing up in expedition cutscenes (Fixed in 1.2.1)
Fixed crash with randomizer if randomize the game twice in a row with additional random supply boxes added (Fixed in 1.2.1)
- Witcher crossover quest is no longer unbeatable due to being unable to complete an objective (Fixed in 1.2.1)
- Removed Great Girros from pool of monsters for "The Best Kind of Quest" as they always spawn dead for some reason (Fixed in 1.2.1)