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Mod to replace some textures of town with National flags

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Just ignore 4 flags near the table. They are replaced with Korea national flag in this mod.

This mod replaces some textures of  town with a national flag.
If you want to make your own flag, use this tool. 
You can convert tex to dds / dds to tex with the tool.

France     Spain      Finland    Germany       Brazil
Scotland  China      Japan      Thailand       UK
Canada            India       US            Korea    Malaysia
SingaporePhilippine      IndonesiaNorway Bulgaria
Taiwan     Latvia             Sweden           Chile              Netherlands
Belgium           Italy                New Zealand   Iran               Vietnam

2018/09/04        Italy, New Zealand, Iran, Vietnam
2018/09/03        Added Sweden, Chile, Netherlands, Belgium
2018/09/02        Added Taiwan, Latvia
    Fixed misaligned textures
2018/09/01        Added Singapore, Philippine, Indonesia, Norway, Bulgaria
2018/08/30        Added France, Spain, Finland, Malaysia
    Fixed misaligned Brazil texture
2018/08/29        Added Germany, Brazil, Scotland
2018/08/28Added China, Japan, Thailand
    Fixed textures of some flag stands
2018/08/27Added UK, India, Canada
2018/08/26Added US, South Korea

Unzip nativePC folder into your Monster Hunter World folder