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Tiny texture replacement mod that adds an indicator to the Longsword's Spirit Meter showing when it's possible to perform a full Spirit Slash Combo.

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Tired of misjudging your spirit level, leaving you staring at a downed monster after your third Spirit Slash, mere pixels of bar away from landing the fourth? I sure was, so I threw together this mod to remove the uncertainty.
When the tip of the red spirit bar moves past the right side of the golden area, you have enough spirit to complete a full Spirit Slash Combo. This has been tested repeatedly and is accurate to the absolute minimum spirit you need for a full combo.

Demonstration below. I pause for a minute to let the bar decay until it's only barely poking past the indicator, still enough for a full combo.
(It's also a lot easier to see ingame, without Youtube's awful compression)
Bear in mind that your spirit level still decays even while performing a Spirit Slash Combo. This means that occasionally you can still fail to perform the 4th slash as the bar has fallen another level in between the prior slashes. So I don't recommend always slashing at the absolute minimum required level like this!