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A replacement HUD that can be toggled on/off or placed offscreen so that vital information can still be seen when the in-game HUD is disabled.

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In previous Monster Hunter games, setting the HUD to hidden still allowed vital information to be temporarily displayed by holding down the "camera" or "item selection" button. HUD elements could also be moved onto the second screen on DS titles. This allowed players to avoid having their vision permanently obstructed by floating bars on the edge of the screen when hunting, gathering and generally getting tackled by fish.

This time around, hiding the HUD permanently conceals HP, stamina, the minimap, sharpness, the majority of weapon specific parameters and some other things. Hence, this AutoHotkey script was written to act as a toggleable and moveable substitute for most HUD elements.

It is not intended to "assist" in hunting - fighting monsters without the original HUD should  be done with the expectation of being left, in the best cases, at a marginal disadvantage. However, some features that do expose information not readily visible on the HUD are included because they were convenient to implement. Please be considerate of other players' wishes and intentions.

This script doesn't write to memory, but does read values from it.

If you're interested in a script that just toggles the in-game HUD by pressing or holding a button without the need for a separate overlay, consider using my other script here:

Extract the files to any folder.
Run the .ahk or the .exe - both should be the same.
If MHW is running at the same time, it *should* work regardless of which was started first.
If the in-game option for "HUD Display" is "Off", turn "Control Guide" in the first tab of the options "On"  - this is needed for some values to update properly, the control guide will be hidden anyway.
Open the menu by double clicking the tray icon to change options if necessary or alternatively edit the settings.ini file directly

By default, the overlay displays:
Status effects
HP bar
Stamina bar
Party HP bars
Tools' and Palico Gadgets' usage and cooldown
Sharpness, ammo and weapon parameters
Optionally, monster HP

For more info, refer to the readme.