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A mod that aims to make SA the most broken ass weapon in the game

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I dont know how to add a description oh well. This mod aims to make SA into something like an amalgamation of the things i like, SA, sekiro and big fucking damage, it adds a block to the SA, along with a bunch of linkage changes and the likes, it aims to separate the two modes into more specified jobs, as in the axe now does big part break damage and the switch axe now does big ele damage, etc
try to go in to the training room and see what it has to offer, yeah ?
Button guide:
neutral reload performed with morph + main attack.
Axe mode( part break modifier 1.2 elemental modifier 0.7) 
Neutral special attack(O) is now an universal block, wild swings is performed by running and pressing O.
Neutral axe combo is now overhead slash into rising slash into heavy slam, not an infinite combo, the power axe mode timer is reduced.
Wild swing combo now ends with elemental discharge.
Sword mode(Part break modifier 0.7 elemental modifier 1.2)
Neutral special attack(O) block
Neutral Double slash is performed with morph input + main attack.
combo double slash is performed with backward + morph, you cant block after a double slash so use it carefully pressing the special attack button will now lead into the wild swings combo.
All side dodges and back dodges are replaced with fade slash, can be cancelled out of.
Elemental discharge can now chain into weak and strong aerial finishers by holding back while mashing the attack button.
And thats about it!
if you have a keen eye then you have probably noticed that this mod is not holly original, to be more specific its a combination of 2 mods:
Rose style switch axe by La Vie En Rose AKA TixIssence: and use MHF switch axe by Arashi_Yuzuriha:
while i did modify quite a few things i literally wouldnt be able to do it without these two mods as the base of it, so i am quite literally internally grateful to these two talented modders, especially the MHF switch axe mod as the base.
As an end note, while i do have Tixlssence's permission to package his mod with mine, i do not have Arashi_Yuzuriha"s permission to do so basically if he does have any problems with this mod, i'll take it down, hopefully he doesnt though. Also special thanks to both of them again for making their mods and especially Tixlssence for quite literally teaching me how to make this mod in general, he literally did, i have not met such a nice stranger online before ngl.

edit: now with 2% more effort and a showcase ?
Now you can block from pretty much everything including rolls, you can block from fade slashes. Do note that the blocking had some weird problems where if you block something, you cant do it's follow up cause you return to neutral before the blockstun ends so i made the neutral morph right rising slash.
edit 2: 1.0.2 fixes some random bugs
edit 3: 1.0.3 is gonna be the last patch i swear so u guys dont have to download it over and over again, i have a habit of over hyping and well releasing this mod way earlier than i should but with this it should be decently stable and not bugged to hell, have fun!
edit 4: added normal switchaxe, have fun!