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Edits for the Nergigante armors, such as removing the spikes from various pieces, turning the chest into a leather bikini top with no spikes, etc. Optional strapless and topless variants included.

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I've made this edit for the Nergigante α and ß  chest pieces. It removed the shoulder pauldrons and all of the large spikes.

Other things I edited include:
- Attempted to make the back of the bikini look like it's held together with laces.
- Removed the central strip on the front of the leather bikini (the part that hangs down).
- Removed the necklace (it clashes with the rest of the armor's look in my opinion).
- Removed the leather under collar.

I've also included a Halter Top version (no back strap), and a Topless variant.
*If you want to use the Topless variant, you will also need a nude skin such as my own nude texture, or the ones found here, here, or here.

NEW: I've added edits to the belt and legs that remove some of the spikes and other ornaments.


Extract the "NativePC" folder into your root MHW directory (where the .exe is located). For Steam, the default file path would be:

"C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Monster Hunter World"


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