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If you feel like your farm isn't managing to keep up with all of your basic crafting needs, this is the mod for you.

Permissions and credits
Fairly self-explanatory what the mod does: Twice as many items yielded per batch. Also applies to items boosted by fertilizer. No changes to time needed per batch or the rate at which your harvest box will fill up.

Not compatible with other farm mods
If you already have a farm mod like custom farmable items, this will replace it, not complement it, since both mods use the same file (plant_item.plit)

Installation Instructions
- Extract the nativePC folder from the compressed file (may require 7-Zip or an equivalent file manager)
- Copy the nativePC folder into your Monster Hunter World folder (Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Monster Hunter World)
- If you already have a nativePC folder, copy the common folder into the pre-existing nativePC folder
- If you already have a common folder, copy the plant folder into the pre-existing common folder
- If you already have a plant folder, copy plant_item.plit into the pre-existing plant folder
- If you already have a plant_item.plit file, replace it with the one from this mod (this will disable any existing farm mod you currently have in action)
- Stracker's Loader NOT Required

Uninstallation Instructions
- Delete the plant_item.plit file in "Monster Hunter World/nativePC/common/plant"

Thanks to Synthlight for the MHW Editor tool
Thanks to JodoZT for the MHWNoChunk tool