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This is a modpack I've created that completely overhauls MHW completely, basically turning it into an entirely different game.

Permissions and credits
WARNING: Use the provided save file link. Do not use an existing save, it will be very buggy and it probably won't even work. Just use the new save file provided, it starts you at the beginning of Iceborne and has everything you need to start off with the mod. If your existing save breaks because you don't want to use a new one, I am not helping you.

WARNING: DO NOT add extra mods into the game, they will most likely overwrite my changes and break balance.

How To Install MHW:RE Save File:
Discord Link:

Armor Changes

First things first. You are MEANT to use a full set of armor, do not mix armor pieces, horrible idea in most cases. Every armor set even has set skills that are locked unless you use the pieces with the worst skills.

- Armor defense and balancing is overall decided through tiers. 8 is low tier, 9 is mid tier, 10 is high tier, 11 is Elder Dragon tier, and 12 is Arch-Tempered tier.

- Armor costs an insane amount of money to make now, grind time. Thankfully the new save starts you at over a million.

- Master Rank Beta armor is removed from the game, and is replaced with Alpha.

- Some iconic armors that never made it to Master Rank are now in Master Rank, like the Dante armor set and the Wiggler head.

- Every armor set below Rarity 11 has a gem slot in each piece. Rarity 9 armor sets usually have lvl 3 gem slots, Rarity 10 armor sets usually have lvl 4 gem slots on the worst parts and lvl 1 on the best parts.

- A lot of hybrid lvl 4 gems were moved to lvl 1.

Sound Changes

- All sound effects are replaced with their old world counter parts, from different games.

- Nergigante and Alatreon both have really insane roars, because both of them are extremely hard to beat monsters.

- A lot of hunter voices now speak, I don't remember which ones but a lot of them do speak, like in MHRise.

- All music in the game is replaced.

Weapon Changes (Almost all of them not imported)

- There are weapon classes now: Dragonbone, Enraged, Guild Palace, etc, and all of them do different things or have different traits.

- All weapons besides a couple have no hit lag.

- Cutch Claw radius is over doubled, and most weapons tenderize in one hit now.

- Oh, and a lot of the useless skills in the game were super buffed, like Scoutfly Range Up going to 400 extra meters radius, or Scenthound doubling all research you get, or Airborne doubling all jumping attack damage.

- Every weapon has either new move sets or new traits, like all Hammer attacks having tenderizing damage or Wyvernblast being able to proc blast without any
blast status.

General Changes

- Monsters are now perma-enraged as soon as they spawn into the map.

- Alatreon isn't cancer.

- Monsters now move faster, attack faster while enraged, and have more health.

- New mechanic called "Last Stand" that makes a lot of monsters immune to all forms of status like Stamina, Para, Stun, Flinch, etc at below 30% health.

- Every master rank monster has an arena quest.

- Carrying capacity of almost every item is reworked.

- The Elder Melder was changed.

Honestly, there are too many changes to list them all here, just join the Discord if you want to see all of the changes.