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A exe to create mod file for editing KT weapon probability

Permissions and credits
Credit to MHhexhexhex, Asterisk and IXXur for the KT loot table and the GitHub for the base of this project.

How to use?
  1. Download, unzip and run the exe 
  2. If you already got a em117_ex_grade_lot.em117glt
  3.  file under steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World\nativePC\common\equip
     - [Load] it using the load button
    If not, never mind
  4. Just adjust the value to your liking
  5.  - [Default] is the game default droprate
     - [Hex] is Hex's mod droprate
  6. [Save] and put the  em117_ex_grade_lot.em117glt
  7.  file under steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World\nativePC\common\equip 
  8. Run the game and KT

  1. Need to run this while MHW is running? 
  2. No
  3. I only have steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World but not nativePC folder...
  4. Just new a folder name nativePC and add the folders accordingly
  5. I got the folder, but there is no em117_ex_grade_lot.em117glt file
  6. That is normal if you haven't use Hex's mod or Asterisk's mod  before.
    Just use the .exe and click [Save], it will create it for you
  7. What does the em117_ex_grade_lot.em117glt file do?
  8. nativePC folder is the mod folder, when the game load, it will find the files in it and "over write" default behavior. 
    em117_ex_grade_lot.em117glt is the file for modding the KT weapons' droprate for R6, R7, R8 and Kjarr weapons
  9. Can I put the file everywhere?
  10. Yes, but only the em117_ex_grade_lot.em117glt file under steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World\nativePC\common\equip will be loaded in game
  11. I got an issue!
  12. Go to and open an issue
    Try make it as detail as possible.
    Issue only contain "It is not working for me" doesn't help :)
  13. I am a programmer and want to help update it!
  14. PR are welcome :)

For collectors and those poor unlucky one that cannot get their R7 or Kjarr drops :)