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Even though Monster Hunter World is one of my favorite games of all time, it most definitely is not perfect by any means. The whole decorations system is way too anti-player, even for Monster Hunter. If you think the same way, consider writing the below.

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If you end up liking the mod, consider coming back to like it. It's free and it´s always nice seeing someone appreciating what you did.

The mod contains more viable options in order to farm decorations instead of hunting Zinogre´s family for literal decades. I do know grind is the biggest and most important part of the game, however, I do differentiate between good and bad grind. Therefore, I gave the player the following new methods in order to get decorations:
- now all four melding tickets for decorations are within the Steamworks-droplist instead of only three
- all four melding tickets combined can now give you every single decoration in the game instead of only approximately 60%
- Furthermore, I have added all four tickets into the argosy trade list with very slim chances. This way especially new players can get their hands on at least some early decorations before Iceborne.
- I´ve modified the feystone droprate slighlty in order to make the decorations drops more diverse  ( see pictures for old and new rates )
- Last but not least, I´ve modified some bounty rewards in master rank. All hunting quests now give you some gold melding tickets instead of giving you armor spheres 100% of the time, which makes the bounty system viable again.

All these additions allow the player to farm decorations in the guiding lands, the place for grinding late game, the place the player should have been able to grind for decorations in the first place. 


- All melding tickets get dropped at red stages from the steamworks machine
-> Steel 40 %
-> Silver 20%
-> Gold 10%
-> Astral 5%


To illustrate how hard it is to farm the rarest decorations in this mod;

- one astral melding ticket has the same decoration drop rates as one sealed feystone in the vanilla game ( look at pictures for rates )
- In all my test runs ( 10x 50k steam ) I´ve gotten a single decoration of the ones
  considered the rarest in the game each 50-100k steam depending on luck obviously ( test runns with 100% accuracy autosteamworks  )
- Farming 50k steam equals 60-90 minutes of running around in the guiding lands with optimal equipment and food skills farming mining outcrops ONLY


- Unzip the folder, drag the nativePC folder into your MHW folder ( steamapps/common/Monster Hunter World )

- if you already have a nativePC folder, drag the common folder within the nativePC folder into your nativePC folder

- if you already have a common folder, drag the facility and equip folder in there 


It's recommended but not necessary. Whether you want to use it or not depends on how fast you want your decorations, look at the rates mentioned above and decide for yourself.


Whenever one of the mentioned events are active you have to manually change the filename contained in


-> its called steamRewardList

When an event is active

steamRewardListMemorial -> Memorial Festival
steamRewardListSpring -> Spring Festival
steamRewardListSummer -> Summer Festival
steamRewardListWinter -> Winter Festival

When it is not


Suggestions for further improvements or new mod ideas

Contact me personally via nexusmods with your input. If I find your idea or suggestions worth doing I will.