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Textures for the Low/High Rank and Master Rank male Vespoid Armor sets.

Optional matching weapon textures for the Queen Rapier and Queen Rose Sword and Shield weapons.

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"Oi, Fiver! I could make you a set of armor from all of those vespoid carapaces you have laying around...
but I think you deserve something a bit more stylish for slaying the little buggers."

This mod changes the textures of the Low/High Rank and Master Rank male Vespoid Armor sets so that you don't look like A Bug's Life. Instead, the textures and Normal maps are straight out of Dark Souls (literally), namely the Iron Golem's armor for the textures, with the idea of evoking the Set of Thorns due to the Vespoid armor's rows of spikes. 

Also included is an additional file for the Queen Rapier (Rathian) and Queen Rose-Rose Higness tier (Pink Rathian) SnS weapons that can also both be used for the aesthetic augments. The Rathian SnS is designed after the Low/High Rank armor set, and the Pink Rathian is designed after the Master Rank armor set. The Golden Rathian SnS was not touched, so you can still match all Goldian. 

A special thanks to JodoZT for the Monster Hunter World nochunk tool and texture converter,
Stracker, who constantly supports the mod loader,
AsteriskAmpersand, whose plugins are doing Capcom's job but better,
NSA-Cloud whose help and advice is always appreciated,
And the entire MHW modding community
Additional thanks to TKGP for the Dark Souls Yabber and DSR Texture Packer and Unpacker and Yabber utilities