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Replaces all non-unique bows with unique models heavily inspired by those found in older games.

Permissions and credits
This replaces a myriad of bows as shown in the pictures. The goal is to make bows as visually varied as they are in terms of stats and usage. I replace bows which have generic models (or generic model with a simplistic monster part attached on top) for unique bows.

Ezekial without whom this wouldn’t exist. Credits for the importing idea, tutorial for the import process, the very productive research discussions on the state of the art parts of the process and testing and confirming during the critical phases of the later stages. And MASSIVE help with model acquisition for references.
DMQW for mrl3 research and their generally amazing work.
hexhexhex for the weapon dat research specifically model reference table expansion.
freschu for the Equipment Editing Suite and his work on documentation for weapon editing.
highsouled for the texture converter.
CrazyT for the Blender importing plugin.
Jodo for the explanations on mrl3 editing, the Chunk Extractor and the CMM that enables some of the crazy effects.
Vuze for the World Chunk Tool.
santoro9 for testing the hexhexhex KT compatible version.

MHW Modding Discord Link

Detailed Replacement List:
Taroth Arrow "Stream" - Crystalline Flower (109)
Taroth Arrow "Thunder" - Voltsender (110)
Taroth Arrow "Queen" - Stonefist Bow (111)
Taroth Arrow "Fire" - Tempest Nightbow (112)
Hunter's Proudbow - Allighor Bow (113)
Anja Arch - Demon's Helm (114)
Dragonbone Bow - Silverwing Bow (115)
Hazak Velos - Entbehrung (116)
Great Hunter Crossbow - Nether Voltsender (117)

Mod Compatibility:
I provide a hexhexhex KT mod compatible version (both of our mods share bow.wp_dat_g), only use this version if you already have hexhexhex's KT mod. Accept the overwriting (the file contained there combines both of our changes).

This mod is compatible with any mod that doesn't modify bow.wp_dat_g. If you know a mod by any of the following users that modifies said file feel free to contact me about it and I'll make a compatible version: Zindea, Ezekial/girshootslasers, DMQW/ryunstage, hexhexhex, UberGrainy.

Known Issues:
Voltsender textures are being remastered, they will eventually be updated when I release part 2 of the pack.

There is a known issue with sounds missing that is currently being researched. It's not all sounds just DragonPiercer arrow being dragged on the ground and applying coatings.