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This mod will completely reskin All Rajang Species into Vegeta Monke, It will also install additional Dialogues on the monsters, and replace their songs, icons on quest and Hunter Notes. it also has optional weapon skins and a helm armor for fashion.

Permissions and credits
Rajang Vegeta Super Saiyan Skin 金獅子 サイヤン

This mod is a gift for everyone just have fun!
Compatible for Online Sessions (players without the mod installed).

Contents are ONLY A SKIN PACK
Does not change Rajang Monster Artificial Intelligence, Status or Gameplay
Does not Add a Custom Quest
Weapons and armor Optional files are only fashion too

Replaces both Rajang models
Replaces Rajang Chase and Battle Music
There are optional downloads for Hammer Weapon and Helm Skins.

Saiyan Rajangs Skin File

This RAR contains a new skin for both Rajangs species, the skins are not identical so both monsters can still have a difference as they originally do.
Changes monser icons/Hunter's Notes and also song Theme, also adds a few dialogue to them.
EFX was changed from Yellow to Blue and some minor modifications by Lyra Veil.

(replaces Hidden/Nargacuga's Hammer)

This RAR will install the CAPSULE CORP Hammer only, a modified/inspired version of the Space Hammer.
(weapon Reskin and model modifications).

VEGETA'S Scouter Helm File 
File 1 - (Replaces Yukumo Layered armor Helm)
File 2 - (Replaces Thermae Layered armor Helm)
Available for Male and Female

This RAR will only install the Saiyan Scouter Helm.

(Requires Game Restart)

  1. Download the main RAR file of your choice.
  2. Extract the RAR Contents into your main Monster Hunter World Installation Folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World.
  3. Restart your game.
  4. For Weapon: You can Now Transmog ANY WEAPON into this model after installing it by talking to the Blacksmith under Layered settings.
  5. For Armor: You can now wear the Saiyan Scouter Helm by equipping the Yukumo Headgear.
  6. For Rajangs: You can now enjoy a fight vs Saiyans on any place at the game.
  7. The gameplay should not be affected, aside from getting your *** kicked by a real Saiyan this time (or kicking theirs).

Special Thanks to:

CAPCOM All Amazing Original Concept and Design credits to them.

 For his help on EFX Creation.

*Asterisk Ampersand for his tools to make this mod possible.

Lyra Veil For her help with EFX, also texturing and 3D modeling feedback.

FateEx For his help editing sound files.

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