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Lyra with a shitone of help from Crimson

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A Fanmade dlc sized mod that adds a new monster without replacing any, adds a layerd for every weapon, armor, palico and more.

Permissions and credits

This mod was created due to Phemeto commissioning it  so if you enjoy please go give him a thank you @ Twitter and Youtube

This mod brings into the game The Marauder, a humanoid enemy that is known for its extreme speed unrelenting attacks and sometimes being fought alongside a hell hound, slay him to obtain the right to wear his equipment and use his head as a trophy.

(Lore for fun skip if you are not interested) : After you slayed Alatreon rumor's of fire activity in the secluded valley were tossed around but it was deemed an instability due to Safijivas previous damage till an unknown hunter posted a request, they claimed they saw a fire portal materialize and a creature come out, they offered some details on the request how they had information about it is a mystery and suspect, but none the less a priority, as anything that nested on that cursed place was a nightmare reincarnated.

That thing is not of this world make sure you read the instructions the client gave

These mods here  Doom Power ArmorDoom Marine Armor
 can help with immersion made by:

(some technical stuff ) Marauder uses Leshen skeleton but does not replace it as its unique whoever due to a weird quirk of the Leshen its impossible to make the AI (what makes the monster behave as it does) independent from the normal and ancient Leshen, I tried everything it wouldn't work, so a warning if you have this installed ancient Leshen and Leshen are going to act weirdly, this is not harmful in any way solo or online as it is the Leshen attacks unmodified he just picks different ones and its noticeable  whoever if you are hunting Ancient Leshen online  let another person host the quest this way the Leshen will be 100% normal, the other thing to keep in mind is the icon and name replace ancient Leshens this is something that cannot be edited so I have included a optional file in the monster only one without them, the tempered version has a variation of an attack and faster swings.

Playable Content : 

4 Quests :

The monster itself and its tempered version (all quests are located at the final stars )

(A visitor from bellow : the normal monster itself so you can learn and fight it)

(The Demon and the hellhound : this is the normal quest that Phemeto wishes it has a marauder and a Odogaron together the Odogaron is unkillable so you have to deal with it)

(A masochists' dream : this is the tempered monster which was balanced by Phemeto DO NOT START WITH THIS)

(Of Demons Devils and Fiends: a marathon quest with every monster that can have one of the terms mentioned describe it)

Armors :

male and female version of what the marauder wears turning you into a demon yourself this replaces savage Deviljho armor 

Weapons :

every weapon has a transmog included in the themes of dooms marauder they replace the normal Nergigante weapons 

Cat Equipment :

a full palico set is created replacing normal Rathians equipment weapon and armor 
extra there is a reference add to Isabelle from animal crossing replacing Moogle

Extras : 

A pendant made from marauders eye and horns this replaces Safis pendant
a house statue that depicts the marauder after you slayed him , it replaces the great Jagras figure

Permissions :

Do not use anything from this mod without permission from either me Phemeto or Crimson

Installation : once you download the mod drag and drop the native pc file in your install location usually at : C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World

optional files have the same installation except 1 extra step chose the version you want from the downloaded folder and inside is the native pc after that its the same process



and a special thank you to Michael Von Bergen for creating and allowing us to include the Gunlance in the pack

And for optimizing the AI  to :

Extra Credits 

Stracker as without him none of this would be possible. 
Asterisk for the tools creation and sharing.
Silvris for research in Sounds.
Deathcream for collision tips and help.
NackDN for A.I. tips and help.
MoonBunnie For the CRC bypass that both helped with the creation and function of this mod.

(contact information ) 
i only take commissions, if you want to contact me for one my discord is Lyra#8862