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Replace the most useless attack from Bow combo, Arc Shot, with Thousand Dragons.

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I don't think Arc shot is useful at all. Meanwhile, I want easier access to Thousand Dragons.

So, basically, I replace all entry of Arc Shot with Thousand Dragons -- because, honestly, I am too stupid to identify different Arc Shot(s) from different combo in the .fsm... LOL...

So, every original combo that ends with Arc Shot, each of them will be changed into Thousand Dragons. For example: O --> O --> O (the last O is now Thousand Dragons). Another sample, Normal shot --> Sliding Charge --> Power Shot --> Thousand Dragons.

Is it balanced? I don't change any number here but yeah it is definitely easier and less hassle to access Thousand Dragon. 

How to: Extract it and put the NativePC folder in the MHW installation folder (for example --> C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World\).

I think it requires Iceborn to be installed since Thousand Dragon is added in IB. Not sure though.

I upload another mod that buffs some numbers to increase damage (Zil-Bow's Buffs -- the Dragons are on Steroids). I put in the separate mod since I think that one could be too much for many players who want to keep it balanced. 

Special Thanks to Velindian who teaches me to edit .fsm

Tools used:
- MHW Editor
- MHW-Fsm
- Notepad++