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New Shara Armor with Monster Parts / Eyes and Fangs. Replaces MR alpha, beta and layered versions.

Permissions and credits
This mod replaces the MR alpha and beta armor and its corresponding layered versions.

Both Alpha and Beta are identical except:

alpha = barbarian style
beta = monster's eyes, "horns" and fangs

alpha = wings
beta = no wings

alpha = tail
beta = no tail


What's new?
- the whole armor (didn't recycle the old one)
- tail moves seperate from waistpiece now
- wings have physics now
- better monster parts
- and some other changes

hidden weapons when sheathed (for the wings)
MHW Costume Armor (Transmog) (in case you haven't forged the layered armor yet)

Please note,
- the character in the pics has a "dark face" because my PC is shit, nothing to do with the armor
- claws from feet clip through ground because they are original from Shara
- eyes are original from Shara, they might look weird in specific situations
- uses original Shara Ishvalda textures, any mod you have installed that alters them, affects this mod

Drag and drop the content of the nativePC folder from the zip file into your own nativePC folder.

Delete the folders "pl088_0000", "pl088_0010" found in "nativePC\pl\m_equip\"
and the folder "Shara_Armor_2" found in "nativePC\pl\" .
You can check this mods file preview to see what was added.

2.0.0 first upload of new version


Hope you enjoy!



CAPCOM for this beautiful game
Blender for 3D editing
Adobe Photoshop for texture editing
GameTechDev for DDS plugin
Ezekial for the modding wiki
CrazyT2018 and AsteriskAmpersand for BlenderMhwModelImporter
JodoZT for MHWNoChunk
AsteriskAmpersand for mrl3 editor
JodoZT for A better MHW Texture Converter
Dave uRrr for MHW CC Studio

and a deep thank you for the kind people on the modding discord and After Dark for helping me with all of my questions,

especially to JtheDuelist, Lyra, Dyster, Mutant and many others for their strong support and advices!