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Adds links to a few CB attacks and changes a couple controls for greater input to action consistency.
Collision files adjust damage values and Phials to make sword stronger and axe more consistent.
Not too much stronger than vanilla, but still a little on the strong side.

Permissions and credits
Changed Inputs
Sword: Forward + Triangle = Advancing Slash
Sword: Triangle + O = Phial Charge
Sword: R + O = Element Discharge 2
Sword: O = Shield Stab
After guard: Tri (Hold) = Blade Charge (Release early/Tap tri for return Stroke or Hold for the Sword Slam)
After guard: Tri + O = Phial Charge
After guard: R + O = Element Discharge 2

Additional Links
Sword: Triangle Combo Loops
Axe: Element Discharge 2 Loops
Axe: Savage Axe Swing > Transformation Sword Slash (R)
Axe: Savage Axe Swing > SAED/AED (Tri + O)
Axe: Vertical Axe Swing > SAED/AED (Tri + O)

General Property Adjustments
Weak hitboxes of Axe attacks removed
Axe Sweet-spot gives x1.25 damage
Charged Shield Mode Gives x1.2 damage
Savage Axe mode gives Shield thrust 66% damage bonus and Condensed Element Discharge a 75% damage bonus

Impact files now do Impact damage and scale with enemy HZV
Charged Impact sword now deals extra Impact damage and is comparable to Axe Mode attacks when phial energy is overcharged
(When not factoring in sweetspot of Axe, Shield charge + Savage axe = Roughly Overcharged Sword DPS)

Increased Guard Thresholds during Guardpoint and Guard Threshold bonus from Charged Shield.

Energy Generation Changes
Forward Slash/Weak Slash/Return Stroke: 5
Spinning Slash/Morph Slash/Element Roundslash: 10
Charged Double Slash: 10/10
Condensed Element Slash: 20
Shield Stab: 5/5

Overcharge Is now at 50 energy (Same for Red Charge [5 Phial Charge])

Note: 10 energy = 1 Phial