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This mod changes many aspects of the gunlance and turns it into a fun and flexible weapon. It's more of an overhaul/rework than an improvement.

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Welcome to my Gunlance Rework!

This is my second weapon mod, please also check out my lance improvement mod

If you recorded a nice run with this mod, you can of course send it to me/message me and you will be showcased here as some nice visuals are still required here.


Version 1.0 has been release. All the initial problems should be fixed (WideSweep GP, the messed up hitlag) etc.
All Super Armor and Guard Frame properties have been reworked to match the animation. If the character blocks in the animation, you will now also block in the gameplay.

That also means a new GP on the Fullburst recovery, something like this shouldnt happen here.

Restructured the mod. You can now manually install the additonal properties one by one:
  • Guard Point on QR replaces Super Armor
  • Guard Point on Charge Shots
  • Original Hitlag behavior of Wyrmstake
  • Original Wyvernfire TripleHit (as it is better suited to stagger monsters). Thanks to CaoSlayer for that one.

Have fun hunting

Conceptually and visually the Gunlance is one of the most interesting weapons. But I always had some problems with basic design decisions for the weapon.

The moveset is split into 3 parts, never truly allowing you to utilize the GL to its full potential. The restriction also makes playing a GL type very repetitive.
This mod changes the gunlance so that all 3 shelling types are viable for all Gunlances. Use the best shelling for each situation (big opening? -> Full Burst, Far Away? -> Charged Shots).

The Gunlance also has a big shield, like the lance, but unlike with the lance not a single move uses it. This is changed in this mod, by giving multiple moves Guard Point properties (although counter moves are still lance territory).

Finally multiple QoL gameplay improvements are added, like the ability to shell after evading, longer Wyrmstake Blasts or higher range on charged shots and more.


  • Removed the distinction between Long, Wide and Normal gunlances. Use the hitbox and damage of Normal Gunlances for Fullburst, that of the Long Gunlance for charged shots and the uncharged shell of the Wide gunlance. All Gunlances come with 3 shells (4 with Capacity Boost). Fullburst damage is of course scaled accordingly. This allows you to utilize all of the GLs potential in every situation, making the weapon far more diversified.

  • Increased the range of Charged Shots. You should use them as ranged attacks now, as you have other options if in close quarter combat. To balance this, I reduced the damage compared to a Long 7 gunlance. But it still deals more damage than Wide 7 Charged Shelling.
  • Removed the hitlag of Wyrmstake Cannon/Blast. The Stake/Blast now comes out on the first hit and not with a delay.
  • Increased duration of WSB (from 2,3,5 Minutes to 4,5,6 Minutes). Slinger Capacity now has an even greater impact on blast duration.
  • Added the ability to use uncharged/charged shell after evade hoping. Got rid of Evade Full Reload on B.. Added Full Reload to R+B(the normal input)  instead.
  • Added SUPER ARMOR and DAMAGE REDUCTION to Quick Reload. This allows you to trade with the monster for damage. Why not a Guard Point like many people ask? Because testing such a version revealed that it is just way to strong.
  • Added GUARD POINTS to Wide Sweep and Wyrmstake recovery. Getting hit during the long recovery of Wyrmstake felt bad, especially as the animation even shields you. This is now fixed. Same reasoning for Wide Sweep
  • All hits of Wyvernfire are combined into a single big hit. It's now a strong wakeup attack!
  • Furthermore also added a interruptible Guard property to the charge of Wyvernfire. You are blocking after all.
  • Damage values of WSB have been adjusted. They now deal ~70% of the orginal damage for all shelling types.

Different versions:
  • Main
  • Version1: Added invincibility (pseudo block) to Wyvernfire. Use the Wyvernfire as a counter move now, making it more distinct from the other high damage moves of GL. Reduced charge time to 1 sec, while increasing cooldown by 60s.
  • Version1: Also added block property to charged shelling. Yeah you heard that right. Version1 is unbalanced in the current state.
  • Version2: Replaced Hyper Armor of QR with just a weaker interruptible GP. This is weaker than the main version.

'Why is my gunlance suddenly long type?' All gunlances were turned to long for ease of modding. Thats not permanent. It will revert when you uninstall the mod.

Feedback is appreciated. I want to improve this mod even further. So if you have ideas, or know how to (better) implement something, its welcome.

Future Ideas:
Make the element of the shells dependent on the weapon element. Not sure if this is possible (i dont think so, but we will see)
If somehow possible I would like to remove the dependence of Blast on Slinger Ammo. It's possible to use the move without slinger ammo equipped (modded of course), but I'm not sure how to prevent it from eating all the ammo.

Make WSB deal 0 part damage. Instead shift the extra part damage into the normal attacks. This makes the exact location where the WSB is placed irrelevant and much less frustrating.

Installation: Drop the nativePC folder into your .exe folder. Uninstall by removing all the files that were in the archive (take care not to remove other mods with it).

Multiplayer compatibility: It should work in multiplayer (tested it with a friend of mine, without problems). Dont use this mod with people you don't know!

Credit for inspiring part of the mod goes to a non-publicly available Gunlance mod