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Keeping with my recent Overlord theme of mods I was thinking the normal shelling isn't flashy enough. We need to replace shelling with BIG ASS MAGIC! So the Cast-Lance was born. Enjoy Hunters

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This mod was made to be used with my "Golden Skeletal Dragon Gunlance" mod but it will work with any Gunlance.
Enjoy my favorite and main weapon Hunters!

Move List
  • Drawing and sheathing your Cast-Lance will release a crystal of pure mana to burst forth
  • Quick reloading and normal reloading will also release a large amount of mana in the form of a crystal
  • Normal/Charge Shelling has been replaced with a discharge of red demonic lightning
  • Full Burst will Bring down a large bolt of lightning
  • Wyvern Fire starts by channeling Mana to the front of the Cast-Lance before summoning 3 large bolts of lighting and the Cast-Lance will continue to glow and crackle with mana till it's ready to use another Wyvern Fire
  • I've also added a bit more flash impact and a more graphic pushback to the Wyvern Fire
  • A little bit of a hidden gift is when you slide down a hill launch yourself into the air and release a horizontal Full Burst your whole body will explode in a blue demonic flame and will stay like this till the end of the hunt.

PS: This mod changes pretty much every effect on the Gunlance and will overwrite anything you have already loaded

Simply unzip the files (with folders) into Steam\Steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World\