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Addresses an issue in Capcom's flawed game design where palicos were intentionally made stupid.

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Undoes some of the sabotage made by Capcom in the palico AI

What it does: Guarantees your palico will help you if it checks on you (originally, capcom had locked this behind RNG, which gave your palico a CHANCE to help you out of a status effect if it detected you were under the effect of one)

What it DOESN'T do: Make helping the player a priority in the palico AI.
The palico AI is genuinely too cursed for me to go any deeper really. But this fix is still reasonable. Your palico won't always help you. But the mod will remove a big part of the bullshit that would otherwise make them not help you.

If this description isn't enough to make you understand, perhaps you also need AI modifications just install the mod and don't think about it too much. It really doesn't change much in the overall behavior of your palico anyway. 100% QoL.