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Update of an outdated mod, removes hitlag for all weapons with instructions on how to only affect certain weapons.

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Remove Hitlag for all weapons

Important note : 

This mod is an update of this mod. The author has not posted an update since August so I took the liberty to update it myself.

What does this mod do?

This mod removes the hitlag for all weapon moves. If you don't know what it is, hitlag is an artificial and forced 'pause' after attacking with a weapon. Removing it will remove the weigthiness of some attacks while feeling extremely smooth and responsive compared to usual.

How to install?

Either use Vortex, or extract the content of the mod into your game folder (merge with nativepc folder). Both ways require Stracker's loader.

How to affect only certain weapons?

You will need to install manually for this. After downloading the mod, extract it somewhere then navigate to "nativepc\hm\wp". Inside you will see 14 folders

Simply delete any weapon you don't want to be affected. Here is the folder to weapon name list :

wp00Great Sword
wp01Sword & Shield
wp02Dual Blades
wp03Long Sword
wp05Hunting Horn
wp08Switch Axe
wp09Charge Blade
wp10Insect Glaive

Once you're done drop the nativepc folder into your game folder, like you would normally install any mod.


Any mod that changes the same files won't be compatible.


Stracker for making mhw modding possible
Synthlight for making MHW Editor