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tired of your pesky cat getting in the way of your photos? or just tired of your cat in general? yea same bro, i got you

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idk why this isn't in nexus in the first place tbh. could be useful for other mod creators who just want to take screenshots of their stuff without stupid cat getting in the way of your cool poses

this should make vaal hazak (regular, not blackveil) palico armor and weapon invisible

swapping out the invisible weapon mod to another palico weapon should be easy enough (just a matter of renaming). however you can't easily swap out the armors as the file handling whether the head/body becomes invisible when equipping an armor is in a separate file i have no clue how to edit (hex editing is out of my area of expertise). so i'll leave that to you figure out

(tl;dr you can replace any armor pieces that will hide the body/head i.e. fatalis palico set, shara, namielle, etc.)

  • drag "nativePC" folder from zip to mhworld directory

  • delete "ot015" folder in nativePC\otomo\equip 
  • delete "ot_we015" folder in nativePC\otomo\wp