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About this mod

This mod tries to fix 2 problems with the Lance

-really low damage. while its expected you would trade damage for safety, but the damage is just too low.
-allow for more varied attacks and combos. (no more triple poke dash cancel spam 90% of the fight).

Permissions and credits
This mod is still in testing, please do test it and give me feedback. iam a experienced lance player (500hrs+) but iam just one person. so your opinions are welcome. 


Anyway, lets go over the changes:  (every move has element ailment and part break x1.00, unless stated otherwise)

All lances that doesn't have a innate ability now have provoker. thus making you more into the tank of the group. specially if paired with felyne provoker. (you may want to use a food skill editor to make it a guaranteed skill).

Mid Thrust I - mv 20
Mid Thrust II - mv 22 -> 25
Mid Thrust III - mv 27 -> 30
High Thrust I - mv 20
High Thrust II - mv 22 -> 25
High Thrust III - mv 27 -> 30
Wide Sweep - mv 20 -> 45, part break 1 -> 2, added stun 40 and exhaust 20 
Jumping Thrust  - mv 30, mount 55 -> 40 
Guard Thrust - mv 20
Dash Attack -  mv 11 -> 7,  elemental x0.20 -> x0.50, ailment x0.20 -> x0.50  
Midair Dash -  mv 11 -> 7,  elemental x0.20 -> x0.50, ailment x0.20 -> x0.50, added mount 2 
Finishing Thrust - mv 50 -> 30 
Finishing Twin Thrust I - mv 25 -> 40
Finishing Twin Thrust II - mv 50 -> 80 
Reverse Attack - mv 50 -> 45, part break 1 -> 2, added stun 40 and exhaust 20 
Counter-thrust - mv 40 -> 80 (power guard now has instant guard up)
Leaping Thrust - mv 8 -> 15, added mount 5
Shield Attack - mv 14 -> 35. stun 27 -> 40 exhaust 27 -> 30 
Finishing Thrust Mounted I - mv 40 -> 60
Finishing Thrust Mounted II - mv 10 -> 20
Finishing Thrust Mounted II - mv 20 -> 40 
Counter Claw - mv 80 -> 100 stun 30 -> 50 exhaust 33 -> 50 
Weapon Attack Clutch Claw I - mv 33 -> 15 
Weapon Attack Clutch Claw II - mv 40 -> 30

Dash Attack - cannot bounce from the scenery anymore, and is far faster
Power Guard - instant guard up upon activation
All Guards - increased block threshold, so you ain't knocked back as often and as much

why those changes tho? 

Wide Sweep - Its a fairly slow attack, doesn't combo into anything, increased damage and added stun/exhaust to make it worth using.
Jumping Thrust - reduced the mount to compensate for the addition of mount to two other attacks.
Dash Attack - the rate at which the attack hits is doubled. that makes the dash a much stronger attack for elemental and ailments, but it also drains your sharpness at double the rate. this adds a strong attack to use when the monster is down.
Finishing Thrust - yes this is me killing the dash cancel, it allowing you to hit much harder than a regular attack even tho you haven't spent any time building momentum makes no sense.
Finishing Twin Thrust I & II - so the idea was to take damage from finishing trust, and add it to the finishing twin trust, since it only happens after you built some momentum, making it much more worth the trouble.
Reverse Attack - basically the same as the Wide Sweep I, had to reduce the dmg to be on par with Finishing Thrust.
Counter-thrust - improved its damage greatly so now it is the best attack to use in between the pokes. this is also the same attack used from power guard.  this should increase the overall damage of the lance, and add to its feeling of a walking fortress. 
Leaping Thrust - with the increased damage and added mount it becomes far more useful.
Shield Attack - increased damage, and stun to make it more useful.
Finishing Thrust Mounted I, II & III - it looked like a brutal attack, but didn't had the damage you would expect from its animation.
Counter Claw & Weapon Attack Clutch Claw I & II - yes these  changes makes the counter claw pretty strong, but lets remember this is the only move lance received from iceborne, and giving the time it takes to be done, it should still not be worth spamming it, and you cant guarantee you will hit the head all the time to use its stun power for most monsters, it also had the same problem of the mounted finish, of looking like a strong attack but not hitting like it. a hunter in full armor with a lance moving at that speed towards the monster is pretty much a cannon ball, so the initial has had its power increased drastically... the attacks with the claw dont look like much tho, so they have been nerfed.


Thanks to schinkikami, i suck at modding, some stuff i didnt know how to do i learned from checking your lance mod. By the way if you want a lance mod, that changes how to lance itself feels, and improves it moveset, instead of just changing values of moves like mine, check Schinkikamis' Improved Lance:

How to install:

Just extract the files on the game's main directory