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Adds the entire Phantom Thieves group from Persona 5 over many layered armor sets, the Handler and Palico

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This mod adds the Phantom Thieves from Persona 5 to Monster Hunter World, who are Joker, Morgana, Ryuji, Ann, Yusuke, Makoto, Futaba, Haru, Akechi and Kasumi.

For Morgana, he goes over the astral Palico Armor and Futaba goes over the Handler.

All of the layered armors are dyeable and comes with the option to remove their masks.

Before anything else, you need to install Armor Discolorization Removal by Silvris, or the colors will be messed up.

  • All layered armor's head will clip through the mantles;
  • Whenever you unequip one of this mods, your MHW character's hair will get messed up, to fix this, equip and unequip any other layered armor that hides the hair, for example the samurai layered armor or silver knight, it should go back to normal after you do that;
  • All the characters are available in the game in their gender, but if you, for example, want Joker over your female character, just rename the files with a m at the beginning to f, same thing vice versa;
  • You can also change what layered armor the mod goes over, just rename the ID of the set to whatever ID of the armor you want. You can check all armor's ID here;
  • To take off the mask, simply access the wst folder of the mod and rename the NO MASK.mod3 to the same thing as the other files inside this folder; 

  • If you don't like the outline, extract the "no" file under the folder of who you don't want the outline and replace the files when asked
  • Feel free to make any modifications or improvements to this mod and reupload it.

Just extract the .zip file to where the .exe of Monster hunter is, if you didn't change it, should be located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World., or you can just right click the game on steam > Manage > Browse local files



  • Goes over the male Great Girros armor and has cape physics


  • Goes over the astral Palico armor with tail and ear physics 


  • Goes over the male Origin armor with his tie having physics 


  • Goes over the female Brigade armor and the tail slightly moves


  • Goes over the male Blossom armor and also has a tail with pyshics


  • Goes over the female Pukei amor and her scarf has very similar physics as to the Sealed Dragon Cloth scarf


  • Goes over the Handler and has hair physics, moving goggles, facial animation and for the winter outfit, she uses her green coat. It also changes the handler icon to her portrait (you can remove it by deleting the cmn_cha01_ID.tex file on ...NativePC\ui\common\tex\npc_face )
  • BTW just in case you didn't know, you can change the handler's outfit on your room and also lock the outfit so that she doesn't automatically change


  • Goes over the female butterfly armor and her hat has physics


  • Goes over the male Legiana armor and has cape physics


  • Goes over the Female Guild Cross armor and has cape and hair physics
  • I have released Kasumi Layered a few months ago (it was kinda shitty) but I decided to redo it, so yea, this is a bit better version of that
  • You can also install her JP voice mod here

PLEASE let me know if there are any problems and I hope you enjoy!

(if you're having problems when renaming the files, you can DM me on discord at Knight#0845 and I will help you with that)

Xelandis on DevianArt for the models
80constant on spriters-resource for ripping Futaba's portraits
JodoZT for the texture converter and MHWNoChunk tool
AsteriskAmpersand for the .mod3 blender plugin and mrl3 editor