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Remake of Auguring Prophet, the Gogmazios gunlance from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Permissions and credits
Recquires Stracker's Loader 

Installation :

- Extract the nativePC folder from the archive into your game's install directory.

Uninstallation :

- Remove the 'gun016' and 'Gogma_GL' folders inside nativePC/wp/gun, and the 'wp_gun_016' file inside nativePC/sound/wwise/Windows

Removing Custom sounds :

-Remove only the 'wp_gun_016' file inside nativePC/sound/wwise/Windows

Auguring Prophet replaces 'Broken Silence' (Shara Ishvalda Gunlance)
Use the in-game layered weapon system to replace the weapon you want to use

Special thanks to :

- Statyk for making the chains physics
- Akko for the useful advice and the help on transparent materials
- The modding discord for general tips


- AsteriskAmpersand (Blender mod3 + EVWP plugins/MRL3 Editor/Nebula Asterism)
- JodoZT (MHWNoChunk/MHWTexConverter)
- Daveurrr for FreeCamPlus

If you want to discuss a possible comission you can DM me on discord Indigo#2610 or on twitter @IndigoMH_