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Adds ALL the items in the game to the shop.

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Adds every single item in the game into the store, including unreleased DLC items, decorations, streamstones and much more. It's important to note that the game has a limit on the number of items in the store, which cannot (as of yet) be bypassed, so the files are split into "pages". The game will by default load the first page, which has the first 255 items, but there are 3 other pages which you can load in by renaming the files (see readme.txt).

This mod is designed to help you restore your progress from a PS4 or Xbox One save file, so you can just buy all the items you have on one save to bring them into your new PC save!

All items have their real prices (approximately 10 times their sell value). This is dictated by the game in some other file that I haven't found yet, and so cannot currently be changed.

You CAN buy some DLC items, and items added in later updates, but these have not been tested and are likely to crash your game if you equip them. If you plan on buying dodgy items, back up your save first, as you will probably end up corrupting it.

You CANNOT buy a number of other items which are not legitimately purchasable, such as specialist tools. 

You also CANNOT purchase high rank materials and decorations at low rank. This is a game limitation and I have no plans to investigate ways around it.

Please do not abuse this. Use at your own risk, as abusing this kind of modification may well result in a ban in the future. We simply don't know Capcom's policy yet.

  1. Read readme.txt (this is essential).

  2. Extract the downloaded .zip file and move the nativePC folder to C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Monster Hunter World, or whatever your install directory is.
  3. Rename whichever page you want to load into the game in /nativePC/common/facility to shopList.slt.