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Are you tired of this games RNG? Are you sick of resetting your runs for hours on end? Say no more! Introducing Fexty's Ultimate Speedrunning Utility! Read Description for more info!

Permissions and credits

This is a combination of both my other plugins + it includes the ability to force the palico attack buff! No more resetting for Drunk Bird, Gajalakas, and Attack Buff!

Disclaimer: This isn't an actual "attack buff" for your palico. It forces your palico to play the Attack Up L song with the coral orchestra.

Here's an in-depth explanation of how the Coral Orchestra works, and how my mod affects it. Please take the time to read it.

Explanation of each module:
  • Drunk Bird: Force drunk bird to happen every time (When possible)
  • Gajalakas: Force either Gajalakas, Boaboas, or other cat tribes to appear in every Quest, Expedition, Investigation, etc.

  • Palico Attack Buff:
There are 3 different modes for this:
  1. Regular Mode: The plugin will force the next buff to be the attack buff (if it is not already active. If it IS active, it will behave normally)
  2. Random Mode: The plugin will force either Attack, Affinity, or Stamina (Same conditions as regular mode)
  3. Heroics Mode: Same thing as Regular Mode, except the plugin will prevent both Defense and HP from being played.
  4. Always Attack Mode: Always forces Attack Buff regardless of other buffs
  5. Speedrun Mode: Only guarantees the first attack buff in a quest. Is legal for Non-TA runs.
Version 1.3.1 Changes
- Reintroduced the cooldown for Regular Mode Palico Attack buff. This adds a cooldown period after each attack buff runs out. This is customizable in the config file. If you don't want a cooldown, set it to 0.
- Added the ability to change the config live. With this you can now update config values (Keybinds & Cooldown timer) while the game is running. Just open the file, make your changes, and save the file.

Version 1.2.0 Changes:
Always Attack Mode was removed because it leads to cheating, which is not the intention of this plugin.
Random Mode was removed because it was pretty unnecessary and I think nobody used it.
New Speedrun Mode:
This mode only guarantees the first initial Palico Attack buff when starting a quest. After that it's completely random.
It also prints a message on screen saying "Using Speedrun Mode" to confirm that you are using this mode. This mode is officially allowed for Non-TA (Confirmed by String).
This is just if you want to remove any suspicion from yourself.
Regular mode was changed to have a cooldown. This cooldown can be modified in the config (in seconds). Default is 45s

Default Hotkeys:
Numpad0: Regular Mode
Numpad1: Random Mode
Numpad2: Heroics Mode
Numpad3: Always Attack Mode
Numpad4: Force Gajalakas
Numpad5: Force Boaboa
Numpad6: Force Drunk Bird
Numpad7:Ingame Messages
Numpad8: Speedrun Mode

Changing Hotkeys:
First go to THIS PAGE and look up the key you want to set.
Then look at the hex code that's right below it (E.g. 0x61 / Numpad1)
Then remove the "0x" and put that into the config.

Using the Gajalaka Spawn Files:
All the files are labeled with their respective Area.
Stage IDs can be found HERE.

All you need to do is remove the "_AREA_XX" from the desired file and hit 'Yes' on the Popup.

Toggling Modules:
Turning on any of the Palico Attack Buff modules will automatically turn of all the other ones.
The same thing with the different Cat Helpers.

Additional Notes:
  • This does not include the other types of Grimalkynes since I don't think anyone would actually want them over Gajalakas or Boaboas.
  • Ingame Popups are not currently included but will be if enough people ask for it. Added
  • As Usual: This plugin self-updates so it will survive 99% of Capcoms Patches and Title Updates Just noticed, will probably break when fatalis drops lmao
  • Please tell me about any and all bugs you find, I will update asap.
  • The Gajalaka Spawn files are somewhat likely to contain bugs, as I was in quite a rush when creating them.
  • Changed name because it sounded stupid

Thanks to Retrou-_-MH for actually getting me to make this! Without him this would have never been a thing. (To whom I gave it to 2 days early to do testing and stuff like that)
So to make it clear to any idiots out there: He had this thing at the same time as you guys. (In any usable state at least)

Also, this mod has existed for a long time already. Just only certain people had access to it. Especially in the Asian region. All Retrou and I did, was make it public for everyone to use. So he asked me to do this with good intentions, to make everyone's lives easier. This mod was made to get everyone on an even playing field and to reduce the need for resetting in a Non-TA environment. Overall, this aims to make Non-TA Speedrunning a less painful thing to do, NOT to endorse cheating in any way shape or form.

Additional Thanks: Asterisk, DaveUrr, Synthlight, and everyone who helped me figure out Cheat Engine, C++, writing plugins, etc.