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Replace the Deviljho High Rank Charge Blade with an original model of the Whirligig Saw from Bloodborne

Permissions and credits
This mod was made as part of a commission for Dune. Huge thanks to him for making this possible, check out his youtube content here and his socials here 

Original design from Bloodborne, model and textures made by me

Installation :

- Extract the nativePC folder from the archive to the root folder of your game.

Uninstallation :

- Remove the 'caxe008' and 'Whirligig_CB_Neutral' folders inside nativePC/wp/caxe/

If you want to replace another CB :

- Rename the 'caxe008' folder (and the files inside it) inside 'nativePC/wp/caxe' with the ID of the weapon you want to replace :

Charge Blade ID list


- AsteriskAmpersand, TheCrazyT(Blender mod3 and EVWP plugins/MRL3 Editor)
- JodoZT (MHWNoChunk/MHWTexConverter)
- Akko for the help on understanding the bone armature of CB and troubleshooting
- Dune once again for commissioning it


If you want to request a commission you can DM on twitter @IndigoMH_ , on discord Indigo#2610 or via Nexusmod inbox
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