Monster Hunter: World
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This mod increases the Armors Sets Bonus Skills Points given by each equipment :
Version 1 : Head & Arms give 1 point, Chest & Legs give 3 points, Waist gives 2 points ;
Version 2 : Each piece of equip gives full Armor Set Bonus Skill (extremely unbalanced) ;

Permissions and credits

 This mod increases the Armor Set Skill Points given by each equipment.

DETAILS : Version 1 : Head & Arms give 1 point, Chest & Legs give 3 points, Waist gives 2 points.
                  Version 2 : Each piece gives full Skill.

LIMITS : You're the only one who sees all the skill points you've got, others see the basic points. Uninstalling it will obviously remove the skills.

MODDING REQUESTS ENERGY : if you like this mod you can offer me a 1$ ice-tea drink which I'm addicted to here *-* (#IceTeaM)

- - -


STEP 1 :
Go to your MHW folder (steam/steamapps/common/Monster Hunter World) and copy your savedata_backup folder to a safe place. 

STEP 2 : Download Stracker's Loader and install it in your MHW folder (steam/steamapps/common/Monster Hunter World).

STEP 3 : Download the zip file.

STEP 4 : Extract the nativePC folder into your MHW folder (steam/steamapps/common/Monster Hunter World).

STEP 5 : Restart your game if you made those changes while the game was running.

HELP ? If you need help with the installation or you want to suggest a mod or whatever, feel free to contact me on Discord : Sunwae#9743

- - -

⚠ - WARNINGS - ⚠

⚠ This mod may interfere with other files of the same name so make sure to delete those files before installing the mod.
⚠ Any installation of mod exposes you to a ban for which modders are not responsible.

⚠ Do not hesitate to notify me if something goes wrong with the mod.

- - -

☆ - CREDITS - ☆

My mods are made using :
- JodoZT's MHWNoChunk ;
- Synthlight's MHWEditor ;
Stracker's Loader ;
- FusionR's GMD Editor.