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Replaces two earring layered armors with two different choker options.

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A pretty simple mod that just replaces the Pulverizing Feather and\or Acrobat Earring layered armors with a choker. The Pulverizing feather version uses a wider belt choker repurposed from the Dante armor, the Acrobat version uses the choker from the Frostfang Barioth beta helm. Most armors partially or completely obscure them, but the do work well as a low profile alternative to a helmet or earrings.

I tested the Pulverizing feather option with all the poses I have access to, but it's possible that there are some areas that will still clip, though hopefully it will only be minor and not noticeable. The Barioth choker is already sized properly for the neck, so there should be no new clipping that was not already present in the helm.
Currently neither can be colored, this may be changed in the future but I dunno really.

To install, simply merge the nativePC folder contained in the archive with the nativePC folder in the Monster Hunter World folder, if you do
not have a nativePC folder, just move the one from the mod into the Monster Hunter folder. I do not use Vortex, so I cannot guarantee my mods will install properly with it.

You are free to use any custom resource contained in any file on this page in your own mods, provided you notify me and provide me a link to
where you post it.