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Adds 34 Switch Axes from Monster Hunter Frontier, also replicates Extreme Style Switch Axe's Sword mode with efx!

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This mod adds 34 Switch Axes from Monster Hunter Frontier into MHW, with remade textures. Also included is efx that replicates Extreme Style Switch Axe F's effects from Monster Hunter Frontier with the Switch Axe's Charged Sword state .

In sequential order in the pictures:
Duve Axe - デュヴェ・アクス
Kridal-Ara - クリダール=アーラ
Magnetic Axe Heran - 光極龍剣斧ヘラン
Blazing Peak Axe - 焔嶽龍ノ剣斧
Alchemia - アルキミア
Chroma Axe - クロマアクスト
Poet Axe - ポエトアクスト
Blood Axe Balidu - 喰血絶剣斧バリドゥ
Francisca - フランシスカ
Champion's Axe Francisca - 覇斧フランシスカ
Unknown and Mi Ru - 未知との創造
Durabyle - デュアバイル
Axe of Determination - 決意の剣斧
Lily Grace - リーリエ・グレイス
Yuri Grace - ユーリエ・グレイス
Fatalis Strike - ミラエアスト
Trag Kantso - トラグ・カンツォ
Celice Kantso - セリスィ・カンツォ
Dark Demon's Axe "Hellfire" - 魔闇剣斧業火
Dark Demon's Axe "Miraclewater" - 魔闇剣斧神水
Minio Rin - ミニオ・リーン
Harine Run - ハリネ・ルーン
Magi Grati - マギ・グラティ
Emperor's Conquest - 帝征始剣斧
Destroyer's Conquest - 絶帝征剣斧
Biscuit Cream - ビスケットクリーム
Sacred Wisteria Vine - 奏ヅル藤聖ノ剣斧
Melody Axe - 歌踊ノ剣斧
Chorus Axe - 歌詠ノ剣斧
Purgatory Axe - 煉獄ノ剣斧
Emperor's Ice Axe - 王皇氷剣斧
Dark Emperor's Ice Axe - 王冥氷剣斧
Burning-Freezing Elze Axe - 灼零エルゼアクス
Aether Axe - 絶極冥雷斧

MHVuse: For making ReFrontier to extract MHF assets
AsteriskAmpersand: For writing both the MHF Importer and the MHW Importer/Exporter
Jodo: For his texture tool and NoChunk
Miralis: For giving me the assets that I didn't have from my own install of Frontier

Drag the nativePC folder from the zip into your MHW install directory. Then
go into the folder "nativePC/wp" and rename the folder of the
weapon you'd like to use. If you'd like to use them on a different
weapon, use this link to find your weapon. Then rename both the folder and the files within the folder to match that weapon.

To uninstall, delete the files within the "wp/saxe" folder as well as "vfx/mod/custom" and "vfx/efx/wp/wp08".