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Just a slight Buff to Alatreon armor/set bonus

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*Update 1.1*

Dragon boost on boots down from 5 to 4

Added both the armor changes and the set bonus changes to download individualy on optional files

I just do this for myself and uploaded it in case of someone it's interested

How Balanced is this?

This mod is intended to encourage a 3 Safi/2 Alatreon set (you'll se), my goal in balance is to make this stronger than 5 Safi vs Elemental monsters, In matchups where you already want to stack some elemental resistance, putting some jewels or eating some elemental resist food (Alatreon, Teo/Lunastra, Namielle in example), this should be do achieving the same (or slighly more) damage than Safi, while having considerable more defense via Elemental resistance. Also this needs to be weaker than 5 Safi in matchups where elem. Resist doesn't offer you anything aside this, i don't want stacking elem. resist be better for doing damage than stacking offensive skills.



All elemental resistance (3 piece set bonus)

Needed Pieces: 3 ----> 2 (You will activate both set skills with only 2 pieces)
Elemental resistance bonus: 20% ----> 50%

Element Conversion (2 piece set bonus)

Conversion of total elemental resistance to elemental damage: 50% ----> 80%


Chest (beta)

Health boost 3 ----> Attack boost 3

# Having HB 3 in paper sounds good, but it negates you the possibilitie of using Tenderize/Vitality or Critical/Vitality Jewels, and forces you to use some other defensive skill if you want to fit this skills in a lvl 4 slot. And you maybe don't want to. This should help with that.

Waist (beta)

Attack boost 3 ----> Attack boost 1
Added one lvl 2 slot

# This way you can combine Chest/Waist or Gloves/Waist without going to an unnecesary Atk boost 6. Why not two lvl 1 slots instead of a level 2? Well I'm a Charge Blade main and so I like the lvl 2 slots.

Boots (beta)

Defense boost 3 ----> Dragon Attack 4

# As and Dragon-oriented armor (dragon attack and dragon resistance builded up), this should be specially strong with Dragon builds, maybe even being the exception of my balance goal. Letting Def Boost in the beta version instead of Dragon Attack was ridiculous. Alpha version also got buffed, just in case.
I'm also considering to put Elderseal Boost somewhere.

How to install

Extract in your MHW folder
Not compatible with mods that modifies armor.am_dat or skill_data.skl_dat

That's all, please tell me what you think about the balance!