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Puts better items into your farm so you can grow stuff that really matters and helps.

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I am trying to grow a community around modding in my new Discord server. You can ask questions here about mods and get help troubleshooting.

Update: adjusted some item cultivate count, added both traps, and added flawless/vitality jewel. I also moved some items around to organize it a little more, if you were cultivating an item that I moved then it will be the new item that I moved. Just pick the item in its new place.
First and foremost, this is a cheat. Please do not complain about how this is unfair or unbalanced. That is the point.
This mod adds items you will actually use to your farm. FYI this mod replaces some of the already existing plants. The list of new items in the original file is:

Dash Juice
Celestial Wyverian Print
VIP Full Bloom Ticket
VIP Gratitude Ticket
VIP Joyful Ticket
VIP Sizzling Ticket
Golden Dragonsphire
Zionium Crystal
Giant Dragonvein Coal
Astera Jerky
Great Sushifish Scale
Pure Dracolite
Hardshell Powder
Demon Powder
Whetfish Fin+
True Armor Sphere
Mega Armorskin
Mega Demondrug
Golden Egg
Max Potion
Ancient Potion
Spread Ammo 3
Pierce Ammo 3
Shock Trap
Pitfall Trap
Gormet Voucher
Immortal Reactor
Great Spiritvein Gem
Furor Jewel+ 4
Challenger+ 4
Expert+ 4
Attack+ 4
Flawless/Vitality Jewel 4
Challenger/Medicine Jewel 4
Tenderizer/Vitality Jewel 4
Release/Vitality Jewel 4
Challenger/Vitality Jewel 4
Critical/Vitality Jewel 4

To install, go to nativePC and drop the folder titled "common" into nativePC. If you do not already have a nativePC then move the one in my file to your MHW directory.
To uninstall, go to nativePC>common>plant and delete plant_item.plit