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Added 10 global epvs that recolor the Great Sword efx

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[ Description ]

This mod makes unique elemental GS models have custom epvs
Fire - Orange
Thunder - Light Blue
Water - Dark Blue
Ice - White
Dragon - Red

I'll be doing 12 of the 14 weapons (not doing bowguns for now)

If you feel like donating there is a link in my "About Me" page. It's always appreciated

Requires stracker nativePC loader found here.

[ Installation ]

- Unzip the file
- Copy and paste nativePC folder to your MHW directory (C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World)
- It won't work unless you use Stracker Loader

[ To Uninstall ]

- Navigate to nativePC\vfx\efx and delete or rename "colorshift" (this is used in all my global color shift efx)
                       nativePC\wp\two and delete or rename "epv"
 nativePC\wp\two and delete or rename "sound"
                       nativePC\wp\two\two0XX\mod and delete the evwp for each model where XX is the model ID

[ Editing the colors and icons ]

Open the epv with EPV Editor
  • Search > Replace
  • Select the Color tab
  • Click Find's Color Sample
  • Select enter the hex of the color you want to replace (template hex listed below) and click OK
  • Click Replace's Color Sample
  • Select the desired Color you want to replace or use the hex of the color and click OK
  • Replace

Small tutorial by Asterisk

Change the weapon model to a different global epv color

  • Open the evwp with a hex editor
  • Edit 6C to the desired color (with 010 it is called "Global EFX")
  • Use images as reference point

  • Here is the evwp template for 010 editor

01 dds usage (general fire/liquid/electricity) FF 00 00
02 aura    (player/weapon glow) 00 FF 00
03 mod    (spirals, SA glow, rocks) 00 00 FF
04 light behavior  (light on player/monster/ground) FF 00 FF
05 decal behavior (ground textures that glow) 00 FF FF
06 transparent dds usage (similar to dds usage but becomes a different shade of color) FF FF 00

epv number    color     evwp number
10  orange    0A
11  light blue0B
12  dark blue0C
13  white      0D
14  red   0E
15  green      0F
16  yellow    10
17  purple    11
18  pink        12
19  cyan       13

Q & A:

Q: When is X weapon coming?
A: I'm going in order

00 GS | 01 SnS | 02 DB | 03 LS | 04 Hammer | 05 HH | 06 Lance | 07 GL | 08 SA | 09 CB | 10 IG | 11 Bow

Q: Can I get one color for all GS models?
A: Yes. Download the template then use the epv editor to change the colors listed for the template file to what you want or ONLY take the custom global epv of the color you want (from Color Shift Weapon Application) and rename it to " hm_wp00.epv3"

Thanks to:
Stracker for Stracker's Loader
Asterisk for keeping the efx template updated

JodoZT for MHWNoChunk tool
Dave for the FreeCam Plus Plugin