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This mod replaces Vespoid Armor with Ancient Greek Armor and outfit.

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The idea about porting greek armor in mhw came up after i posted this module: Greek shield and spear
Some users wanted some greek-styled stuff to their new shield so i've learned about modding a bit more and here you go - greek armor.
It has two ver. for the helmet. See screenshots.
If you, like me, love this kind of semi-realistic and historical stuff, please tell me or press endorse.
Don't forget to share your screenshots and ideas too!

Installation and usage(IMPORTANT!):

  1. You absolutely need to download and install Extra Buff Body; you need only textures. Just drag and drop them into nativePC as usual.
  2. Download and install my mod the same way: Just drag and drop onto nativePC. 
  3. It is layered vespoid armor. You know, greeks use to like to thrust with their long spears at everyone so... vespoid!
  4. If you want to use it as some other layered armor(or just armor), you need to replace all ID's in the armor folder with ID you want. Here is the link:
  5. Weapon ID's
    Armor is fully colorable.
    Gloves are not included. Use buff-body gloves or thermae layered.

Special thanks to:
 - for models and textures
KarbonKitsune - for his extra buff body

JodoZT - for texture converter and noChunk
AsteriskAmpersand - for blender plug-in

List of my other weponary mods:
Grossess Messer
German Longsword
Greek Shield and Spear
Arming Sword and Shield
Pavise Shield and Spear
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List of recommended mods to use with my weponary mods: - Bloody Broken Parts - Blood efx - Critical hit flash EFX removal - final form reshade(i play with it and you can see it on every screenshot i've made)

Big PC:
This armor has some issues, i couldn't get rid of them and the porting itself is just took too long.
If anyone would want to fix bone\model-related issues, know this - you are very welcome.
This is my very first armor port to MHW.
I really hope you will like it. For gameplay purposes it is good enough i think. Have fun!
02.06 Upd: helmet for male characters has been added. I had no chance to test it in game, so pls tell me if anything is wrong with it.
21.06 Upd: helmet for male characters has been fixed. Redownload it in order to see it's textures.