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About this mod

A simple replacement mod for a few Palico helms

Permissions and credits
- v1.0 - Initial upload
- v1.1 - Added Ankha

- Manually copy the contents of the zip file to your MHW installation folder (where MonsterHunterWorld.exe is)

Replaces the following Palico helms by default:
ot058 - Ruiner Nergigante - Bob
ot064 - Yian Garuga - Kabuki
ot066 - Puppeteer (Rajang) - Ankha
ot069 - Savage Deviljho - Olivia
ot078 - Shishi-mai (Joyful Festival) - Merry
ot085 - Felyne Maestro - Raymond

Rename folders, .mod3, and .mrl3 files accordingly if you want to use a different helm.
Refer to this link for the Palico equipment IDs:

- Navigate to your MHW installation folder (where MonsterHunterWorld.exe is)
- Go to nativePC > otomo > equip > and delete all folders created by the mod (based on the zip file contents)

The Models Resource
- Modding Wiki: Ezekial711, AsteriskAmpersand
- CrAs T MRL3 Editor (TheCrazyT, AsteriskAmpersand)
- NoChunk: JodoZT
- Blender .mod3 plugin: AsteriskAmpersand, TheCrazyT
- MHVuze's View Mode without Watermark mod & Stracker's Loader (for making the screenshots)
- And to the folks on the modding discord

Do you have a mod idea? Personalized weapon or custom armor piece for your hunter? Drop me a DM if you are willing to commission it! :)