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Extends the extract duration to remove a bit of unnecessary micromanagement from IG.
Now also with longer Kinsect Charge duration.

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May 22 added: Final Stage (1h Buff everywhere) and longer Kinsect Charge (5m) for all slinger ammos!

Please do not use Vortex to install this. It will mess up the folders.

Because some people just hate extract management.

Haven't seen a standalone mod for this yet so I decided to make it.
There are different files to choose from which extend the duration of your extracts so not everything here is super cheat-y.

Original: Red 90, White 120, Orange 150, Triple 90
Stage 1: Red 120, White 150, Orange 180, Triple 120 (+30s to everything, still balanced)
Stage 2: Red 150, White 180, Orange 210, Triple 150 (+60s to everything, getting a bit OP)
Stage 3: Red 190, White 210, Orange 240, Triple 190
Stage 4: Red 360, White 380, Orange 410, Triple 360
Stage 5: Red 600, White 600, Orange 600, Triple 600 (10m everywhere)
Final Stage: Red 3600, White 3600, Orange 3600, Triple 3600 (1h everywhere)
Final Stage with Charge Extension: ^^^ but with Kinsect Charge extended to 300s (5m) regardless of ammo

It works online and only influences your own IG. Compatible with any IG rework as it only touches the kinsect extract duration, however it'll overwrite whatever the rework changed about the initial duration.

To install it simply drag and drop the unzipped nativePC folder into your MHW installation folder.
To uninstall delete nativePC/hm/wp/wp10/wp10_param.w10p

File Documentation:
There are plans to extend the Kinsect Charge duration also to longer times but unfortunately everything is more or less gibberish in Hxh.
I first had to decrypt the file then look through random stuff to come up with this. Basically we knew there are already 3 ammo types granting us 300s: Piercing, Bomb and Thorn pods.
So I looked for three values having the same stat in the file and ended up finding the addresses and values to change all pods to 300s.
In order to increase the duration I need some sort of example already in the file to increase it further and I haven't tested copypasting Kinsect extract values there.
Might do that later and update the mod but for now this is hopefully enough. 5 minutes should be plenty for any hunt.