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Lance Quality of Life Overhaul: Lance is statistically everyone's least favorite weapon, it needs a little love. This touches the MVs and related move details, and individual Lance weapons, making timed blocking a core part of the Lance experience, by adding Offensive Guard 1 to each lance (or a slot for it for the high end lances instead).

Permissions and credits
For years, Lance has been tied with Hunting Horn for the least played weapon in MHW, and now that its expansion Iceborne is out, its been left behind by the noble HH (please see First Wyverian stats for reference). As well, Lance has consistently come in last for at least one poll that asked (paraphrased) "Regardless of how many people play this weapon, do you like this weapon?" (citation "WEAPON POPULARITY - March 2020 | MHW Iceborne", where TheGameconomist's Youtube channel did the popularity poll). That same channel also has a video explaining how Lance isn't even that great of a defensive weapon, compared to its immediate competition, the Gunlance and the Heavy Bow Gun  This tells me that Lance needs some love. Huge thanks to Fexty's overhauls (this work is based on his conservative Lance changes) and the kind people that made the MHWEditor, for helping and making this possible.

Given the limitations of our current modding tools, I couldn't go much beyond tweaking the MV values and related move values in the Lance files (and now the Lance weapons themselves, in v1.3). As a person with 75 hours maining Lance across the main game and Iceborne, I have had a little time to look and see what was lacking.

First problem: Lance has a bunch of moves that you have almost no reason to use. All of them are a worse use of your time than the standard Poke-Poke-Poke combo, and have not only the audacity to deal less damage than mindlessly poking, but also to either commit you to an animation, or render you vulnerable. For a weapon that defines the trade-off between aggression and defence as its whole niche in the game, you would think that there would be some payoff for taking risks. Alas, there is little enough reason to do most anything beyond poking that most Lance guides generally recommend that you ignore them. For example, I went 70+ hours without realizing Lance had a shield bash attack.

This mod takes these issues, and follows the following rules:

  •  Moves beyond the standard poke-poke-poke combo should be usable.
  •  Moves that expose you to being unable to block or to the possibility of interruption should be rewarded somehow, if you can avoid being interrupted.
  •  Moves that are hard to aim or time should be rewarded for being able to aim.
  •  Moves that take up committed actions or charge time should deal slightly more damage than just poke-poke-poke'ing for the same amount of time.
  •  Lance needs to have some niche for its moves that other weapons don't already do better.

What does that all mean?
It means that all Lance moves have had these rules applied to them, and been calibrated by comparison with other weapons, especially the Great Sword. You can see the base moves list and MVs here:, for reference.

My changes are as follows:

  1. All Moves have Mindseye applied to them, if they didn't already (most already did, but now base poking does too).
  2. All Moves have had their Part damage increased by at least 10%. (or are part of combos where this is true; generally following the example from Switch Axe) Those with multihit hurtboxes now trade off more sharpness loss of higher rates of proccing status or elements (or more part damage).
  3. All Moves have had either their Elemental modifier or Status Modifier increased to a base of .7 or higher (generally a change of about +.3)
  4. All Moves besides Poke-Poke-Poke (either version) have had their MV value (read: damage) increased. Usually, this is equal if not slightly higher than the poking damage for the same period of time. The basic poke-poke-poke combos have had their partbreak and status/element increase with each stroke, so that landing the last poke in the combo is most likely to break parts or proc status/element.
  5. All moves that seem like huge finisher moves are now huge finisher moves, and have been balanced by analogy with Great Sword attacks that are similar (not the same, but for a fast poking weapon whose whole thing is being good at blocking, its analogous). These moves are all the ones that aren't spammable like the poking, but are the Finishing Thrust(s), all of the mounting finishers, and the true Counter Thrust (which when interrupted, turns into the dinky Cancel Thrust/High Thrust I). For example, all of the Finishing Thrust, Finishing Twin Thrusts, and Counter Thrust (not Cancelled) all deal damage based on Great Sword's various levels of Charged Slashing, making them feel as strong as they look when you're running like around like an angry train. The single highest damaging move is now the Finishing Thrust. Counter Thrust, and both strikes of Finishing Twin Thrust all are now multihit hurtboxes, which gives you more damage if you aim well, and less if you aim poorly; generally about +30% damage for a perfect hit, and -66% for a poorly aimed one.
  6. All of the bashing moves or mounting finisher moves (as well as Wide Sweep, but analogy with the Great Sword's nearly identical Side Blow), deal increased Stun and Exhaust damage, nearly 3x as much. As none of them are spamable, it made sense to make them useful, even if they're hard to actually hit with.
  7. All lances should have innate Offensive Guard, at least one level to enable the effect just like lances have innate Guard and now (via Power Guard) Guard-Up. Thus all lances have been given the skill Offensive Guard 1. Since weapons only have a single innate skill slot, those with existing skills (the really top tier lances in the base game, for example) were given a Level 2 decoration slot to stick it in, provided they can find a Guardian Jewel.
  8. (Optional) If you don't like having Offensive Guard 1, there are now two alternative options in the "Optional Files" section, one replaces Offensive Guard with Guard Up, and the other gives Provoker, and the last one for Evade Lancers gives a Evade Window 1. Only install only one version, as they are otherwise equivalent and will overwrite each other. 

While the actual values are all below, it is good to know that you can tweak any or all of these values if you prefer them to be different, or if you think the balance is off, using the MHW Editor: . If you do not like the changes to either the moves or the Offensive Guard innate skill, you can either delete the "NativePC/hm" folder in this mod to get rid of the move changes entirely, or "NativePC/common" to get rid of (or merge other mods changes to individual lances) the modified weapons.

Mod Compatability:
If you have other mods, you might be able to merge them with this one, even if they alter the same files, just be prepared to apply my changes manually to whatever other mod's files conflict with the three from this mod (namely the lances list, and both lance collision/moves files); this mod should be fully compatible with any mods that don't specifically touch those three files, so let me know if you find things that aren't. As always, if you have specific feedback, I am open to it; though I may not implement all suggested changes, I will try to consider them respectfully.

Attack Move: Power / original
  • Mid Thrust I: 20 (changes only to partbreak and elemental/status) 
  • Mid Thrust II: 23 /20
  • Mid Thrust III: 27 (changes only to partbreak and elemental/status) 
  • High Thrust I  (also Cancel Thrust): 22 (changes only to partbreak and elemental/status) 
  • High Thrust II: 25 / 22
  • High Thrust III: 27 (changes only to partbreak and elemental/status) 
  • Wide Sweep I: 25 / 20 (now deals Stun and Exhaust of 30, as it is identical to GS Side Blow)
  • Jumping Thrust: 50 / 30
  • Guard Thrust: 20 (changes only to partbreak and elemental/status; this is the highest element and status move, since it isn't good for anything else)
  • Dash Attack: 7 /11 (now hits twice as often, to maximize status and element chances; net damage increase of +7%)
  • Midair Dash: 25 (changes only to partbreak and elemental/status) 
  • Finishing Thrust: 75 / 50 (this is the only even midly spammable high damage move, but you are very vulnerable while spamming it)
  • Reverse Attack: 75/ 50 (now deals Stun and Exhaust of 30, as it is identical to GS Side Blow)
  • Counter-thrust: 14 / 40 (now has a multihit hurtbox, giving you an expected effective MV of 84 if 75% of hits land, with a max effective MV of 112 for perfect aim, and min MV of 14 for a badly aimed shot)
  • Leaping Thrust: 15 / 8
  • Finishing Twin Thrust (first hit): 38 / 25 (now has a multihit hurtbox, giving you an expected effective MV of 76 if 2/3 of hits land, with a max effective MV of 114 for perfect aim, and min MV of 38 for a badly aimed shot)
  • Finishing Twin Thrust (second hit): 22 / 50 (now has a multihit hurtbox, giving you an expected effective MV of 88 if 3/4 of hits land, with a max effective MV of 132 for perfect aim, and min MV of 22 for a badly aimed shot)
  • Finishing Thrust Mount (head): [78, 120, 175]  / [10, 20, 40] (similar to GS Charged Slash I, II, II)
  • Finishing Thrust Mount (anywhere but head): [48, 77, 110]  / [10, 20, 40] (same as GS Charged Slash I, II, II)
  • Weapon Attack Clutch Claw (first hit): 50 / 33
  • Weapon Attack Clutch Claw (second hit): 55 / 45
  • Shield Attack: 50 (Stun/Exhaust 50) / 14 (Stun/Exhaust 27)
  • Counter Claw: 50 (Stun/Exhaust 100) / 16 (Stun 30, Exhaust 33). This is the only move that does has Element and Status mods of 0, since its follow up moves are where that is applied, this rewards a successful counter claw with extra raw damage and extra stun/exhaust on top of the follow up claw or lance damage above in the mounting moves. 

To install it, drop the contents of the mod into your NativePC folder. It contains two files that replace the default move values for the lance, and does nothing else. This has been tested with the current version of the game (Iceborne + ver 13.50.00) and Stacker Loader (1.10.0). Like most mods, you should make sure that its all up to date, or else it'll cause your game to hang during loading a save.

If you want to help with development of this mod, or provide feedback, you can look at the sticky post in the comment section for current issues. I try to respond to questions or comments in comments area. DM's are an option too, but I honestly don't always remember to check them.