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Just changes the Spirit Thrust(the poke you do that leads into Spirit Helmbreaker)'s partbreak modifier to 0 so you don't end up accidentally tripping a monster and potentially cause a missed Helmbreaker.

I made this change because I've had a monster's trip animation send them a mile away from where my character jumps *one too many times

Permissions and credits
Requires Stracker's Loader

As stated, just makes Spirit Thrust's partbreak modifier 0 so you don't accidentally make a monster trip and fall a mile away from where your character starts helmbreaker

How to install: just drop the folder into the nativePC folder in your game's install folder

I consider this a bugfix because Great Sword's True Charge Slash first hit has a 0.0 partbreak mod so you don't trip a monster out of the second hit, so Longsword's Spirit Thrust should get the same treatment. I marked this mod cheating anyways because it still causes gameplay changes by messing with the game's files.

Credits because I needed their tools for this mod:
Stracker   -   Stracker's Loader
MHVuze   -   WorldChunkTool
Synthlight   -   MHW Editor

Graphic mods in that picture:
INQ/CUREDOSIN   -   Simple Odogaron Helm
INQ/CUREDOSIN   -   Simple and Long Hellish Slasher

Armor sets Transmoged with:
Approved/FineNerds   -   MHW Transmog