Monster Hunter: World
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Were you excited when Glavenus and Acidic Glavenus got announced for World and you thought "Damn, I can't wait to use the Greatsword Monster's unique Greatsword!"? And were you incredibly disappointed when their blades turned up and were just some Glavenus parts duct taped to metal blades/jaw-blades? Well now, your disappointment ends here!

Permissions and credits
This mod is a HD remake of the "Glavenus Array" (Greatsword) from Monster Hunter Generations. It currently has 4 options for replacements: the regular Brachydios greatsword, Kirin's greatsword, Shara's (final boss') greatsword and the Wyvern Iginition. The Wyvern Ignition version comes with special charge EFX made by Crimson. Recently, I have added the Acidic Glavenus version as well. I will make additional options for replacements available soon.

Other upcoming features:

1. Crimson is currently working on a efx mod that adds a heating effect to my GS when it charges DONE
2. I will release an Acidic Glavenus version as an update soon-ish. DONE
3. I will update the Acidic Glavenus version to have EFX and more options for replacements. DONE


Crimson: For making the incredible charge EFX for the sword (Wyvern Ignition replacer version)
Monster Hunter World Modding Discord: For being helpful in answering aspiring modders' questions and being helpful in general
Jodo: For his texture converter
Asterisk/Crazy T: for their model importers/exporters and for Asterisk's MRL3 Editor
Capcom: For making MHW and the Monster Hunter franchise in general
My game development teacher, Ian Snyder: For teaching me how to use Blender, Zbrush and Substance Painter and for being a wonderful teacher.