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A GUI and command-line tool to extract and modify audio assets, events and properties from Monster Hunter: World. This allows you to change in-game music, sound effects and voices.

Permissions and credits
The audio modding tool (wwiseutil) is a tool for manipulating Wwise SoundBank files (`.bnk` or `.nbnk`) and File Packages (`.pck` or `.npck`). These are the files that MH:W uses to package  audio into the game. The tool currently support the following features with both a GUI or command line tool:

  • Unpacking: An input SoundBank or File Package can be unpacked, writing all of the embedded `.wem` files to a directory. ww2ogg can then be used to convert the `.wem` files to a playable Ogg Vorbis format. 
  • Replacing: The `.wem` files within a source can be replaced. All metadata stored within the file will be updated to support the replacement `.wem`s. Replacement `.wem` files are allowed to be larger or smaller than the original embedded `wem`.
  • Loop Editing: Currently, loop editing of basic sound effects is supported. Support for different looping mechanisms will be supported in the future. Loop editing is currently only supported in the GUI.

I have some instructions available here that walks you through how to use the tool to modify the game's music/audio, which I'll be updating over time.

If you'd like to find a labelled list of what assets map to what in-game audio, you can find a link to that here. Thanks to elliotbw and Asterisk for creating and moderating that list.

If you encounter a bug with the tool, or have any tool-specific requests, feel free to file a bug here and I'll take a look. If you'd like to follow progress/releases on the tool or contribute to it, you can find the GitHub page for the project here:

I plan to add the following features to the tool soon:
  • More complex loop editing that handles the different types of loops that the game uses.
  • An audio-player in the tool.
  • Ability to import/export directly from mp3s.
  • The ability to edit/view SonudBank hierarchy objects outside of simple wems.

Feel free to post this tool elsewhere, but please give credit to hpxro7 and link to the tool's GitHub page above :). Happy modding!