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Replaces the model for Diablos Shatterer II into Pandemonium's Root (Hammer Weapon) with an edited Part attachment from the Nerg Hammer.

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I edited the spikey part of the nergigante hammer model to be more straightened out and thinner, so that it would look to grab onto the Pandemonium Root weapon better. This mod was made as a request with a bit of added flair.

Just chuck the nativePC folder in your MHW folder.

Obviously if you already have another mod that changes the appearance of the Diablo's Shatterer, it will overwrite them. This will also overwrite other hammers that use the base Bone hammer 2 model however with Pandemonium's Root.

This kind of mod is a model replacement, not like the other transmog mods. That means the visuals are only for you, not others. If you want
other people to also see these changes, they will need the mod as well.