Monster Hunter: World
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About this mod

Replaces Ciri's voice or female voice 14 with Lucina's voice from Fire Emblem Warriors.

Permissions and credits
You'll need Stracker's Loader to use this mod.

Recommended to use alongside zStatykz's Lucina character mod.

Changes voices that are related to attacking, getting damaged, gestures and other various actions.
Some DLC gestures and interactions may sound out of place (or amusing). This is due to how general voice categories are.

The following voices are replaceable by this mod:

  • Ciri's Voice - pl_act_vo_c_04_m.nbnk
  • Female Voice 14 - pl_act_vo_f_09_m.nbnk

Not on the right voice? Try using one of these tools!

  • Install Stracker's Loader first!
  • Copy the nativePC folder from the mod
  • Find the the folder where MHW is installed (where the .exe is. Usually
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World)
  • Paste the nativePC folder from the mod

Delete the following files from the directory ...\nativePC\sound\wwise\Windows

  • Ciri's Voice - pl_act_vo_c_04_m.nbnk
  • Female Voice 14 - pl_act_vo_f_09_m.nbnk

  • You can't rename the file to apply this mod onto another voice due to how the game handles voice files. (Use my Voice Changer tool to do that)

Thanks to:
  • hpxro7 for the MHW Audio Modding Tool. The link to that tool's GitHub is here:
  • zStatykz for the Lucina character mod and being the inspiration for this mod.
  • ZelLiSonAs for helping with the Japanese version of this mod.
  • CorruptTurret for extracting the voices lines