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About this mod

These Mod add 9 quest
Thats not just random quest i have worked hard on all of them
All quest have special reward
Work for every languages !
The mod is guild card friendly

Permissions and credits
Need stracker's loader in order to work

Most of the following quest are Really hard 

  • Quest list
  • -fat and furious                you have to protect a monster from the rajang
  • -the ruiner of ruiner You have to kill 1 nergigante but one is more resistant than the other
  • -gentle doggo                   you have to hunt the 3 dog a new one come each 5 min or when the arena is empty
  • -Reservoir Doggo             Same as above but harder
  • -The last supper               MHp3rd quest , you face the narguacuga and the tigrex at the same time and once they are both hunt the deviljho will come
  • -The last supper multi     Same as above but less reward and more health
  • -A royal banque                MHp3rd quest , really hard 
  • -Headach                          you have to slay a namielle , the other monster are NOT made to be hunt 
  • -WW III                              Tempered Bazel and blackveil at the same time 

You can see what reward are in which quest as well as monster HP by looking in the other monster tab on the quest 

The mod work for every language but is not translate

There is no extremely big or small monster in these quest unless you try to slay the one you are not suposed to hunt in the Headach quest

Happy hunting