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Disables all the FOG in the Rotten Valley, you still take fog damage tho.

Permissions and credits
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Thanks to:

*DaveuRrr for his SOBJ template, his time, his help, teaching me how to use procmon and for teaching me about other files research.

*mlam, ライトニング and temptreatise from the MHW Modding Discord for helping me test the files.

*Undead from the MHW Modding Discord for testing the files and the pictures (the ones in the media section ) of the mod.

*Crimson for always being an awesome dude

*Nack for teaching me stuff about mpi

*Silvris for for telling me how to fix the armors and telling me about the broken visibility condition for the glasses

*Stracker for the Stracker's Loader tool

*Ezekial for his
-awesome modding video tutorial
-all his help with my questions and weighting explanations

*Asterisk for his help with textures questions and his mod3 importer blender plugin

*MHVuze for his worldchunkeditor

*CrazyT for his mrl3 template.

*Asia81 for his tool to rip 3DS assets

*dasding for his mhmodtools

*Jodo for his mhwtextconverter tool and the new nochunk tool

*PredatorCZ for his MT Framework Plugin

*Dallagen for his help with texture questions.

*Monster Hunter World Modding Discord.