Monster Hunter: World
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Single shop list file that has all the new materials from the latest monsters as well as all guiding lands/augmenting materials.

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Used the MHW Shop List Editor to add in Stygian Zinogre's materials as well as the new Tundra materials into a Guiding Lands-specific shop list. Should have all materials from the Guiding Lands.

As of 3/19 it now also includes Safi parts and the dracolites. The Safi weapons are in the MHW Shop List Editor but I'm not sure what the process is to make buying them work so I didn't include them.

As of 4/8 it now also includes Raging Brachydios and Furious Rajang parts. I've probably missed stuff so drop a comment if you find a part I missed.

As of 4/26 it now also includes MR KT parts, Namielle Tickets, and some armor spheres.

As of 7/9 it now also includes Alatreon parts.

As of 8/11 it now also includes Frostfang parts and the latest tickets.

Shoutout to Synthlight for their informative comment:

Doing so tends to case progression issues with the quest/save that aren't [easily, if at all] recoverable.
Getting the weapons before the siege is known to break saves in this way.

Shoutout to Synthlight again for their informative comment:

Namielle tickets, armor, and everything on this list:
Are timegated in MHW.
Basically everything in the patch that isn't 'live' in-game yet.

If you buy them before the release, you will get "invalid data" when you go to load your save. This will resolve itself once you get past the date guarding these items.
If it's just tickets, you can fix this by launching the game in offline mode and selling them.
But if you make unreleased layered armor, you will lock yourself out of online till the 1st when the even hits. (You can't sell layered armor, so no way to fix it in offline mode.)
There's a bunch of items like this.

(The check happens when loading a character in online mode, which is why you can start steam/MHW offline to sell the items, then continue online as normal.)

I strongly recommend you DO NOT offer anything unreleased in a shop file as they are all timegated now.

Be careful and keep backups.
Requires Stracker's loader:
If you don't have the nativePC/common/facility folders already set up you'll need to do that first.

Troubleshooting tips:

The shop list is working but I can't buy the new materials:

Check your "item" folder in nativePC/common. Something in there that affects item data is out of date and not letting the game properly read the new materials. Things that modify zenny values are the usual culprit. You should be able to move them out of the folder while buying and using the parts then put the file back afterwards.

I've bought the parts but the weapons and armor still aren't showing at the Smithy:
You have to slay the monster first before it'll unlock crafting of it's stuff.

I renamed it to shoplist and it's still not working:
Either your Stracker's loader mod is missing/out of date or your capitalization is off. I've always named it as "shoplist.slt" with no caps and had no problems.


How soon can you update it for the new monsters?
Basically as soon as the MHW Shop List Editor is updated, I can't do anything without that being updated. Beyond that its just down to how soon I see that the shop list editor has been updated, so usually within one or two days of that.

Will you add other materials like LR/HR/MR monster parts or old event tickets?
No, see below. Those shop lists already exist, this mod is meant to be an add on for those since they stopped being updated.

Do I need one of the other shop list mods to use yours?
Nope! If all you care about getting is the new parts then you don't need to download anything else (besides stracker's loader, of course).

This is meant to be an add-on for mods such as which have the rest of the shoplists.  Check that mod's info and posts if you're having trouble getting it to work right and aren't seeing a solution on my mod page or in the posts on my mod.

Please let me know if I'm missing anything.